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Mother Lode Tea Party: Concerned with the direction of our schools?

Mark Meckler


John Coleman debunks global warming on The Rick Amato Show 
John Coleman debunks global warming on The Rick Amato Show

"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."
-Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1, 1776 

What Will Happen When (and If) Actually Works 

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Coming in 2014
Common Core Standards in Schools

The education establishment is trying to reincarnate itself again. Can we afford to lose yet another American generation to illiteracy, innumeracy and socialism? Will the Common Core standards reflect excellence in education or the deliberate dumbing down of America's children? Who will hold the education establishment accountable?

MLTP is encouraging members to join a new local Common Core Study Group. Who should get involved? Anyone interested in what our children are being taught in school. Parents with school-age children are especially encouraged to get involved. They should be willing to do some research and engage in thoughtful group discussion from a conservative perspective.   The tentative goals will be to:

  • Review overall standards and how they are implemented
  • Review testing and collection of private student information
  • Arrange for a speaker for an upcoming MLTP presentation
  • Identify local strategies to help reduce harm and improve outcomes

Expertise in education is definitely not necessary! Study Group members can select their research subtopic to share with the others (or team up with a friend). Computer access would be helpful, but not necessary, since a small loaning library on the subject will be available. Meetings will be in person and/or via the internet.  

Let's have fun figuring this puzzle out together!!! Contact facilitator Sue Hokana at 245-3806

General Background Information on Common Core

(5-part video series, 4-10 min each) 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy visits Jackson this week

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is coming to Jackson this week! The Conservancy board will take a local tour, host a local reception at the National Hotel, and hold its quarterly board meeting in Jackson. The tour and reception are on Wed, the board mtg Thurs. All are open to the public. If you want to learn how the Conservancy invests in and supports Sierra communities, come on down. The tour and reception are good opportunities to meet the staff and board, too. Please RSVP for the tour and reception. Local Conservancy investments in Amador and Calaveras Counties include grants for community wildfire protection plans, wastewater studies, conservation easements, fuel reduction and other public-benefit projects.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Please attend the ACTC meeting on Nov 27 regarding Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project

On October 24, 2013 the Amador County Transportation Commission (ACTC) voted unanimously to continue funding for the Pine Grove Corridor Project, after years of community input and expenditures of nearly 2 million.  On November the 21, 2013 the Amador Business Council Executive Director Jim Conklin, from his office in Stockton, requested the ACTC to reconsider its vote on the project.  Given that ALL commissioners voted FOR moving ahead with the project it seems that it is not a good use of ACTC‘s time to bring this to a vote again.

ACTC would normally meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month, which in November would have been the 21st of November.  For some reason, the November meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday the 27th at 9:00 am. The timing for many of us could not be worse, as so many members of the public will be traveling for Thanksgiving and will not be able to attend and provide input to the ACTC. Anyone who is able to attend should do so and express any concerns they have with a reconsideration vote.

The Amador Business Council in its letter stated it would attend the meeting and present its views. It is not possible for the public to hear what will be said and provide their views unless they are able to attend the meeting, which many will not be able to do.  So ACTC members will hear one political viewpoint.
The Amador Business Council to my knowledge has not had prior input into the project which has been worked on by ACTC, CalTrans and the public for several years.  They have not provided any hard facts or information that would lead to a reconsideration of this project.  If the Amador Business Council has legitimate concerns why has it not come forward and made them known earlier in the process?  Are a few people trying to undo the efforts made in a public process over several years?

As timing does not appear to be important to the Amador Business Council I suggest that they be allowed to make their presentation at the November meeting, but that any vote on reconsideration of the October approval be put off until after Thanksgiving. This will allow the ACTC and the public to consider the Amador Business Council’s facts and viewpoints and be able to address this unexpected development in a reasoned and knowledgeable manner.

Jerry Trottier
Pine Grove 

(Sent through Amador's community email group. To sign up for this group, contact

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Upcountry Community Council Chair speaks in support of the Pine Grove/Hwy 88 Corridor Improvment Project

"Upcountry Citizens,
It has recently come to our attention that the Amador County Business Council has sent a letter to the Amador Transportation Commission (ACTC) suggesting that they defund the Pine Grove/Highway 88 Corridor Improvement Project.  In addition, at our last UCC meeting on November 12th, Supervisor Plasse mentioned his meeting with the Business Council that day and his desire to put the funding of this project back to a re-vote of the ACTC."
"The facts about this Project are as follows..."
To read more of this article, visit:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Via Citizen Report: Back Up Your Data!

If you're a daily computer user, you're likely aware of all the threats you face every day online in the form of viruses and malware.

CryptoLocker, a new ransomware malware, began making the rounds several months ago. This ransomware is particularly nasty because infected users are in danger of losing their personal files forever.
CryptoLocker Ransomware demands $300 to decrypt your files
Ransomware is designed to extort money from computer users by holding computer files hostage until the computer user pays a ransom fee to get them back. The Cryptolocker hijacker sniffs out your personal files and wraps them with strong encryption before it demands money.
Cryptolocker is spread through malicious hyperlinks shared via social media and spam emails, like fake UPS tracking notification emails. The original demanded payments of $100 to decrypt files, but the new and improved version demanding $300 from victims.

Apparently, the encryption is created using a unique RSA-2048 public key. The decryption key is located on a secret server somewhere on the Internet and then there is a countdown on the infected machine which will let you know how long you have until this key will no longer be available.

Ransomware is not a new threat, but in the last year, it has become more effective and more popular with criminals. Researchers from a number of antivirus vendors are working on a way to undo the damage, but it's not going to be easy.

To prevent Ransomware from infecting your computer, please ensure  that your computer has a properly configured firewall, updating each computer on a regular basis with the latest patches and updates from their vendor such as Microsoft, and restricting access solely to the administrator or person who operates the network or computer

Source of this information:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mike Spence: Expanding our Veteran's Services

In 2009 the Grand Jury determined that our Amador County Veterans' Service Office (VSO) had a need to provide Veterans with expanded services such as vocational rehabilitation and work study.  At that time, our Supervisors  "agreed" and officially acknowledged this need in writing.  For whatever reasons, these services have never been provided, and our VSO is still not an approved site for work study or vocational rehabilitation.

On 8/13/13, our Board of Supervisors attempted to resolve a great deal of community divisiveness and confusion between our existing County Veterans' Service Office and the newly established services offered by Mr. Jason Mulford as the Executive Director of "Victory Village" Amador. The Board acknowledged that "one size does not fit all," and that they did not want to preclude any other organization from providing different types of services, hoping that all organizations could work together. Unfortunately, Veterans' Service Officer, Terry Sanders also made it clear that he would not work with Victory Village until they stopped assisting Veterans in filing claims for benefits….

To read more of this article, click here…

Amador Community News, is a non-partisan and politically neutral community news, information and resource site, and does not endorse political parties or candidates.

Friday, November 1, 2013

An urgent message to Upcountry Residents re: Mace Meadows Golf Course

Save Mace Meadows!

We are in imminent danger of losing our community’s most treasured and iconic asset—the Mace Meadow Golf Course. There is something you can do to help prevent this.

About this time last year, the Mace Meadow Board of Directors, out of concern that we wouldn’t have enough revenues to stay in business through the winter, initiated a Voluntary Contribution Program (VCP). Over 100 upcountry residents pledged to contribute between $50 and $200 each month for a year (average contribution was $100). That approximately $10,000 per month additional revenue has allowed us to not only keep the doors open, but to make many critical repairs to the course infrastructure. We now look forward to starting Spring 2014 with the course in much better condition than it was this past Spring.

However, even with the major progress we have made, we still face a financial crunch due to the ongoing need for repairs to our mowers, other equipment, and our irrigation system, seed and chemical supplies, and maintenance personnel through the winter months when we have little in the way of revenues.

The Board therefore feels we have no choice but to extend the VCP through 2014, and we are asking for your help. The average $100/month is what we started with last year, but we will be most thankful for any amount you feel you could pledge. It would be such a shame to lose this beautiful golf course after all the progress made this year, and just when we are about to turn the corner financially.

Please help. We need your commitment as soon as possible.

For further information about the VCP, or if you have any questions regarding Mace Meadow Golf Course, please contact any of the following directors:

Jim Graves 209-295-4045
Wes Mee 209-295-2363
Jim Raymond 209-295-1779
Kip Garvey 209-295-6630
Betty Robertson 209-295-7452
Duncan Matthey 209-295-1905
Tim Short 209-295-8686


Mace Meadow Golf Course
Board of Directors

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CAL FIRE: Pink Ribbons Worn to Show Support for Battle Against Cancer

Sacramento – Like millions of Americans, firefighters and their families are affected by cancer every year. For the next week, CAL FIRE is joining fire and police departments across the nation to show their support for the battle against cancer by wearing special CAL FIRE shirts with pink ribbons on them. Raising awareness and money for cancer research, CAL FIRE’s 2013 “Cares Enough to Wear Pink" campaign runs October 20 - 26 and is part of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when wearing pink signifies support for breast cancer research.

“For the past several years CAL FIRE firefighters have proudly helped raise awareness for such an important cause,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE director. “The shirts we are wearing are just a small sign of support for an important battle.”

Proceeds from the T-shirt sales generated by CAL FIRE employee's voluntary participation are donated to cancer research related non-profit organizations.

CAL FIRE is one of the largest fire departments in the nation and the over 7,000 men and women of the department have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to this worthwhile effort by voluntarily joining in on the  "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" campaign. CAL FIRE is proud to help raise funds to find a cure and send a strong message of hope to those suffering from this disease. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foothill Conservancy’s Mokelumne River Cleanup scheduled for Saturday, October 19

Foothill Conservancy invites everyone to join us for the 2013 Mokelumne River cleanup on Saturday, October 19, from 8:30 am until noon. Whether you have volunteered for the Mokelumne River cleanup before, or are coming for the first time, your efforts will help improve the water quality of this local treasure. Participants will get first-hand experience in identifying harmful impacts to the river, and learn about the importance of the Mokelumne's watershed for recreation and fish and wildlife habitats – all while having fun!
“Since the first year of the Mokelumne River cleanup, volunteers have removed tons of trash and recyclables from the river,” said Randy Berg, cleanup coordinator. “Their hard work benefits the people, fish and wildlife that use the Mokelumne by keeping its water clean and ensuring the river remains a beautiful place to enjoy.”
There are two sites for this year’s cleanup: Electra and Big Bar, close to Electra Road, and the Highway 26 North Fork Mokelumne crossing. Participants will pick up trash along the river’s banks and on adjacent beaches. A special prize will be awarded for the “weirdest” trash, and all volunteers will receive thank-you goodies for their morning’s efforts.
All participants must register in advance, by going online to, or by calling Randy Berg at (209)295-4900. Volunteers under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult and must turn in a liability release signed by a parent or legal guardian. Liability releases will be provided upon registration.
Volunteers should wear sturdy boots and long pants, and bring work gloves, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellant and a water bottle. Coffee, water and snacks will be provided.
The 2013 Mokelumne River cleanup is sponsored by ACES Waste Services, Amador High School “S” Club and Earth Club, Brent & Jeff’s Upcountry Hardware (Pine Grove), East Bay MUD, Munnerlyn’s Ice Cream (Pine Grove), New York Fitness, Pine Grove Market, Safeway, Star Donuts (Pine Grove and Jackson) and Star Pizza (Pine Grove).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Important! California's Massacre Lakes Wild Horses Need Your Comments by Fri, Sept 27

Friends & Neighbors - Hope this note finds you all well. Some of you know that I have been up in NE CA a lot the last 1.5+ years working on behalf of the last of CA's mustangs up there. Now that work has paid off & we have a chance to stand up for the Massacre Lakes Herd through the land use planning process. Here's some general background info:  

The BLM Surprise Field Office in Cedarville, CA, has an environmental assessment out for public comment regarding setting wild horse AMLs (appropriate management levels) & livestock numbers in the Massacre Lakes HMA (Herd Management Area). They want to gut the herd down to 25 from about 186 & set the AML at 25-45 while maintaining taxpayer subsidized livestock grazing of 450 cow/calf pairs with a forage allocation from 3 to 6 times more than that allocated for the horses. This is our chance to be at the table to set higher AMLs for the horses that will sustain them long-term as mandated by the 1971 Wild Horse Act.

Please copy & paste the subject line & message below & email it to by this Fri, 9/27/13.


Subject:  Massacre Lakes EA, DOI-BLM-CAN070-2013-0021-EA  

•  I support Alternative 4 in the Massacre Lakes EA that will set the AML for the wild horses at 100-121 animals & reduce livestock numbers so that the forage allocations are more in balance with wild horse & livestock use in the limited size, legal HMA. This allocation follows the original intent of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act.
•  I support the herd being preserved for scientific research studies since it is one of the last herds in the ten Western states to be non-manipulated since 1988. 
•  I support the herd being managed as an individual herd, not as part of a 'complex' with nearby HMAs, to preserve its integrity for scientific research.
•  I support the herd being managed in family units to preserve its most natural state if animals need to be removed by water/bait trapping to obtain the AML of 100-121.
•  I expect the wild horses & burros to be managed in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the American people, not in accordance with the demands of the taxpayer subsidized industries that use my public lands for personal gain.

Thank you for your serious consideration of choosing Alternative 4 as the Proposed Action, not Alternative 1. 

(Your name, address)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mother Lode Tea Party - Attention: All Gun Owners of CA


Senate Floor:
Assembly Floor:
For More Info on All the Bills we are Tracking, Click Here


Please, call the California Legislature (SENATE & ASSEMBLY) today, to ask them to oppose these bills that will strip you of your rights!




The Final Stretch
The final week of the 2013 Legislative Session is upon us, and we are determined to make sure our voice is heard until the very last vote is cast!

The California Legislature has over 1100 bills to vote on in a matter a days.  Bills that will affect you in one way or another, in nearly every area of your life.  We ask ourselves, does the Golden State really need another thousand laws governing what we can and cannot do?  Is there any way, that these 1100 bills are not infringing on rights and freedoms that once made this a great state?

Our focus at Gun Owners of California is protecting and preserving the Second Amendment from those who threaten to mutilate such a key piece of the United States Consitution.  In our efforts to defend your gun rights, we are standing up not only for your right to keep and bear arms, but for your freedoms overall.

If you have friends, family, co-workers, clients, and customers, who don't own a gun, but who appreciate the freedoms that were set forth by our Founding Fathers, this message is for them, too!

We need everyone across the state who wants LESS GOVERNMENT and MORE FREEDOM, to call the members of the Senate and Assembly and register their opposition to the anti-gun bills listed to the left.

Will you join us in this fight?
Calling for a VETO: Pass it On!

We need everyone to join in on this fight!  The moment we give up, is the moment they declare victory ... we cannot let that happen!  Our fight starts in the legislature, through lobbying and elections, and continues on through the legal branch.  We will fight these bills every step of the way!

Will you help spread the word?  Pass this message on to everyone you know who values the freedoms established by the United States Constitution!

Print out THIS FLYER and pass it around, to encourage EVERYONE you know to call Governor Jerry Brown!  We need every gun owner to register their opposition to EVERY ANTI-GUN BILL and to ask him to VETO any anti-gun/ammo/hunting bill that lands on his desk!  This coming year is an election year and we need to show him what the voters want!

        When making calls, PLEASE REMEMBER to:
  • Be respectful and refrain from using derogatory language.  Register your opposition and ask for their opposition.  Even if they already plan on supporting the bill, they will not register your call if you are offensive.
  • In general, Republican offices are in support of the Second Amendment.  Say "thank you" if they inform you of their opposition.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Progressive Women’s Committee – Thurs Sept 5

The Progressive Women's Committee will meet on Thursday, September 5, 2013 11:30 a.m. at Thomi's Banquet Room in Jackson.

The speaker for September will be Ann Platt CEO of Sutter Amador Hospital.
The topic will be the Affordable Health Care Law.
Because of the general interest of this program, 
this will be an Open Meeting and all interested persons are welcome to attend, 
but reservations are required.

Please respond to Sally at  no later than Tuesday, September 3rd  (sooner if possible)

The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes an entree, salad, vegetarian offering
various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip.
Pay at the door - cash (the exact amount is appreciated) or personal check only.

Note and this is important:
If you make a reservation and cannot attend,
please call me at 267-0177 to cancel, 
by Wednesday, September 4th at noon.
If you do not show up and have not cancelled
You may be billed for the luncheon. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Article from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Sue and Settle Report

An interesting report from the U.S. chamber of Commerce:

This report dovetails in with the abuses of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) by litigious litigants who have and are continuing to abuse the EAJA…with taxpayers footing the ensuing bill.
This ongoing filing of multiple lawsuits under EAJA has disrupted the activity of the U.S. Forest Service to such an extent as to cause gridlock in the management of our National Forests,  part of the collateral damage coming from this gridlock is the continuing occurrence of huge catastrophic fires in our National Forests, not to mention the huge economic hit to rural areas
I believe the (EAJA) was legislated with good intentions, it has just been severely abused and needs major modifications, especially under the recovery of "costs".
 I would like to see Congress step up to the plate and address the issues brought out in this report and the ongoing issue with EAJA lawsuits.

Brian Oneto
Supervisor, District 5

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hearing scheduled to exam the process and impact of listing the Sierra Nevada Mountain Yellow-legged Frog as “endangered” and the Yosemite Toad as “threatened”.

HEARING SCHEDULED: Congressman Tom McClintock is sponsoring a Hearing to exam the process and impact of listing the Sierra Nevada Mountain Yellow-legged Frog as “endangered” and the Yosemite Toad as “threatened”. Based on past species listings, the restrictions to human activities on the 2 million acres under consideration for critical habitat designation could be devastating.
   The Hearing will be held at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, 6 August at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sierra Building, 220 Southgate Drive, Sonora.
The public is highly encouraged to attend.Congressman Tom McClintock will be joined by Congressman Devin Nunes.USFWS Representatives will be presenting the Agencies’ plans and process regarding the listing decisions.
The follow individuals will be presenting information bearing on the listing of the Yellowlegged Frog and Yosemite Toad as well as effects of past species listings:

Mike Applegarth, Principle Analyst El Dorado County
Kelly Wooster, Cattleman Calaveras County
Randy Hanvelt, Supervisor Tuolumne County
Steve Brink, Forester
Mark Baird, Siskiyou County, listing impacts
Ron Gibson, Oregon, listing impacts

The consequences to the lives and livelihood of people in the 14 California Counties affected make public awareness extremely important.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mother Lode Tea Party at the Amador County Fair

JULY 25TH - 28TH
Meet us at the Barber Shop Store that we are sharing with the CA Gunowners - a NGO(non government organization)! It is also so very important to support your county fair as the state has cut them loose for funding ---we must stand on our own! 


Rep. Tom McClintock has taken on the crusade to save the 14 counties that would be impacted by the proposed frogs and toads listing. Here are simple things you can do to help.

o Contact your congressional representative. Find out if he or she plans to participate in the Aug. 6th field hearing and, if not, encourage him or her to do so.

o Do the same with your county supervisor(s) and sheriff.

 Additional information: 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AWA Consolidation Raises Rates, Hinders Future Protests

The Watchdog
AWA Consolidation Raises Rates, Hinders Future Protests

About RPA
Ratepayer Protection Alliance (RPA) was formed to support the rights of the people of Amador County against unfair rate increases, which are usually used to subsidize special interests. Recently, RPA has assisted citizens who successfully protested several water rate increases. RPA is committed to ensuring that water, wastewater and garbage rates in Amador County are justified, and do not unfairly burden local residents.

RPA works hard to minimize costs of informing the public of unfair rate increases. RPA operates on the donated time of volunteers and no one is paid for their efforts. Donations for postage costs can be sent to:
Ratepayer Protection Alliance
P.O. Box 51
Pine Grove CA 95665
AWA Consolidation Raises Rates, Hinders Future Protests

On Tuesday evening, June 18, the Amador Water Agency Board of Directors conducted the mandatory Proposition 218 public hearing for final consideration and adoption of their latest rate increase proposal. After counting over a thousand written protests and in spite of four pages of legal issues raised the Ratepayer Protection Alliance (RPA), the board of directors unanimously adopted the new consolidated rate structure at a continuation hearing Thursday morning. Because of AWA�s action, ratepayers who receive no benefit from the GSL will receive rate increases. Worst of all, the consolidation will most likely prevent any future protests against rate increases. Without legal action to reverse the board�s decision, the ratepayers are now fully at the mercy of the AWA.
General Manager Gene Mancebo opened Tuesday evening's hearing by requesting that longtime AWA consultant Bob Reed provide a brief overview of the new rate structure up for adoption. Close to 60 residents attended, and the AWA board took public comment for nearly two hours. A vast majority of the speakers opposed the rate proposal. Comments indicated a basic mistrust of the agency, who had misinformed 1100 Sutter Creek residents that their rates would decrease when in fact they would increase. Speakers also questioned whether the GSL provides any benefit to current ratepaying residents.
RPA member Bill Condrashoff presented four pages of written comments from RPA. He offered to read or summarize the questions into public record and was refused. Upon verbal encouragement from the audience and acknowledgement from several board members, Condrashoff returned to the podium and summarized, citing multiple inaccuracies and unjustified charges in the rate study, ratepayer costs that are not proportional to benefits, and a questionable Prop 218 process. Before Condrashoff was finished, President Molinelli interrupted him on a time restriction.
With a motion on the floor to adopt the resolution, AWA attorney Steve Kronick interrupted to recommend that the Board continue the hearing to give Reed a chance to address RPA's concerns.
Thursday morning, June 20, the hearing resumed with Reed providing an overview of six pages responding to RPA. Attorney Kronick provided an additional five page response. Molinelli asked the board whether the public should be allowed to speak again. The board, having no questions regarding the eleven pages of written material, agreed to reopen the public comment period.
With the continuation meeting noticed only 24 hours in advance, and scheduled for a Thursday morning, only ten residents attended. The majority of speakers were against consolidating rates. Camanche attendees stated that a majority of their residents had submitted written protests and asked why those protests weren�t being honored thus excluding Camanche from the consolidation.
Director Gary Thomas, who represents Ione and Camanche, brought up the topic of debt service payment for future system improvements. For the last year, AWA has vowed in a variety of public settings that projects unique to a system will bear their own debt service. The AWA staff and board have touted that only Upcountry users will pay for the Gravity Supply Line. Director Thomas wanted to know if Camanche users would ever have to pay for projects not on their systems. Attorney Kronick attempted to explain the multitude of ways debt service can be paid. Director Rich Farrington stated that decisions on future projects are for future boards to make and he would not make their decisions today. Audible groans sounded from the audience and multiple questions arose.
Nearing 10:30 a.m., the board unanimously adopted the new rates which take effect July 1.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Casino in Plymouth supports Friends of Amador's fundraising dinner - Sat July 13

Friends and Neighbors,  

NCIP invites you to support the Friends of Amador Fund Raising efforts to stop the  proposed casino in Buena Vista.

They have sued the Federal Government and their case is currently on appeal in the 9th Circuit.

They are holding a fundraising Prime Rib & Teriyaki Chicken dinner on Saturday July 13 at Evelyn Bishop Hall in Ione.

No host bar opens at 6pm with dinner at 7pm.

Door Prizes   Raffle  and Auction  fill out what will be an enjoyable evening.

Tickets are $35 each.

Call 209 245 4588 if you would like to join NCIP in supporting Friends of Amador.