Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Progressive Women's Committee - Thurs June 6

The Progressive Women's Committee will meet on Thursday, June 6, 2013 11:30 a.m. at Thomi's Banquet Room in Jackson.

The speaker for June will be Lynn Morgan, Chair of the Upcountry Community Council,

Please respond to Sally at no later than Tuesday, June 4 (sooner if possible)

***The first Thursday in July is *The Fourth* so we will not be meeting.***

The speaker for August 1st will be Barbara Barrigan-Parilla with the Restore The Delta organization. 
The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes an entree, salad, vegetarian offering various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip. Pay at the door - cash (the exact amount is appreciated) or personal check only.

Note and this is important:
If you make a reservation and cannot attend please call me at 267-0177 to cancel, by Wednesday, June 5th at noon. If you do not show up and have not cancelled, you may be billed for the luncheon.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Motherlode Tea Party: Take Action! Tues May 21

The IRS situation is getting huge and we need your help to keep putting on the pressure. Below are the ways you can get involved.
This is the time to make your voices heard!  


Let me be frank: The IRS's trained thugs did a massive amount of damage to the Tea Party movement.
Their goal was to bury the Tea Party movement in mounds of paperwork and scare ordinary pro-limited government Americans out of exercising their first amendment rights.
These gangsters demanded that groups turn over their membership rosters, their donor lists, and even itemized listings of what books they read.
They demanded copies of personal blog posts, Facebook pages, and in the case of one conservative educational group, the names of each and every person that ever attended a class!
And in every instance, IRS "agents" made sure that Tea Party volunteers understood they could be thrown in prison if they made even one small mistake! 

We did not release any names!!

Next Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 12pm noon local time, we are calling for protests in front of IRS locations across the country. Will you go? Click for more details.

Are you just completely outraged that people in our government are using the power of massive government agencies to discriminate against opposing ideological organizations? Demand answers from the IRS. Click to sign our petition to demand that Congress fully investigate the IRS

Monday, May 13, 2013

AWA consolidates rates to undermine protes

The Amador Water Agency (AWA) recently mailed more than 6,900 rate notice letters to AWA customers, announcing the consolidation of AWA water system rates. The consolidation is AWA�s response to several successful protests that stopped unfair rate increases within AWA�s individual water systems. Under Proposition 218, customers have the right to protest the consolidation. If a majority protests, the consolidation will not go forward.

Ratepayer Protection Alliance is advising ratepayers and property owners on all systems to protest the consolidation whether their rates will increase or not. Here�s why: 

By consolidating the systems, AWA will make it much more difficult to stop a rate increase unless people in Ione, Sutter Creek, Upcountry and Amador City agree. Once the systems are consolidated, it will take 3,451 protests to stop an increase. Fortunately, ratepayers can maintain control of water rates by protesting the consolidation and rate increase now. 

What makes the consolidation even more disturbing is that AWA will be able to build large expansion projects for a specific system and obligate ratepayers of that system to pay for it. Because rates will increase on one system only, ratepayers on the other unaffected systems will not be motivated to protest and, in the case of Upcountry, even with 100% protesting, they will only get 2,600 of the 3,451 protests needed to stop the rate increase. Upcountry will lose control of their rates. 

Upcountry ratepayers have a lot to worry about. The cost of the Gravity Supply Line is uncertain and could be subject to huge cost overruns. Also, AWA claims the existing pump system is failing. If true, the pumps and pipe will need to be replaced and AWA has already told ratepayers that replacing the system will require a 40% rate increase. Because the cost overruns and pump replacement will be paid through debt payments, only Upcountry residents will be subjected to the increases to pay for them. But Upcountry residents will no longer have enough votes to stop the increase. 

It�s not just Upcountry residents who could face unstoppable rate increases. AWA is looking at an enormously expensive water treatment expansion for Camanche customers, and has tens of millions of dollars in projects planned for the system that serves Jackson, Sutter Creek, Ione, Amador City and Plymouth. 

If you own or reside on property served by AWA, you can protest the rate consolidation by filling out a protest form and returning it to RPA. We will submit it to AWA at the hearing on June 18th.