Monday, September 23, 2013

Important! California's Massacre Lakes Wild Horses Need Your Comments by Fri, Sept 27

Friends & Neighbors - Hope this note finds you all well. Some of you know that I have been up in NE CA a lot the last 1.5+ years working on behalf of the last of CA's mustangs up there. Now that work has paid off & we have a chance to stand up for the Massacre Lakes Herd through the land use planning process. Here's some general background info:  

The BLM Surprise Field Office in Cedarville, CA, has an environmental assessment out for public comment regarding setting wild horse AMLs (appropriate management levels) & livestock numbers in the Massacre Lakes HMA (Herd Management Area). They want to gut the herd down to 25 from about 186 & set the AML at 25-45 while maintaining taxpayer subsidized livestock grazing of 450 cow/calf pairs with a forage allocation from 3 to 6 times more than that allocated for the horses. This is our chance to be at the table to set higher AMLs for the horses that will sustain them long-term as mandated by the 1971 Wild Horse Act.

Please copy & paste the subject line & message below & email it to by this Fri, 9/27/13.


Subject:  Massacre Lakes EA, DOI-BLM-CAN070-2013-0021-EA  

•  I support Alternative 4 in the Massacre Lakes EA that will set the AML for the wild horses at 100-121 animals & reduce livestock numbers so that the forage allocations are more in balance with wild horse & livestock use in the limited size, legal HMA. This allocation follows the original intent of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act.
•  I support the herd being preserved for scientific research studies since it is one of the last herds in the ten Western states to be non-manipulated since 1988. 
•  I support the herd being managed as an individual herd, not as part of a 'complex' with nearby HMAs, to preserve its integrity for scientific research.
•  I support the herd being managed in family units to preserve its most natural state if animals need to be removed by water/bait trapping to obtain the AML of 100-121.
•  I expect the wild horses & burros to be managed in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the American people, not in accordance with the demands of the taxpayer subsidized industries that use my public lands for personal gain.

Thank you for your serious consideration of choosing Alternative 4 as the Proposed Action, not Alternative 1. 

(Your name, address)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mother Lode Tea Party - Attention: All Gun Owners of CA


Senate Floor:
Assembly Floor:
For More Info on All the Bills we are Tracking, Click Here


Please, call the California Legislature (SENATE & ASSEMBLY) today, to ask them to oppose these bills that will strip you of your rights!




The Final Stretch
The final week of the 2013 Legislative Session is upon us, and we are determined to make sure our voice is heard until the very last vote is cast!

The California Legislature has over 1100 bills to vote on in a matter a days.  Bills that will affect you in one way or another, in nearly every area of your life.  We ask ourselves, does the Golden State really need another thousand laws governing what we can and cannot do?  Is there any way, that these 1100 bills are not infringing on rights and freedoms that once made this a great state?

Our focus at Gun Owners of California is protecting and preserving the Second Amendment from those who threaten to mutilate such a key piece of the United States Consitution.  In our efforts to defend your gun rights, we are standing up not only for your right to keep and bear arms, but for your freedoms overall.

If you have friends, family, co-workers, clients, and customers, who don't own a gun, but who appreciate the freedoms that were set forth by our Founding Fathers, this message is for them, too!

We need everyone across the state who wants LESS GOVERNMENT and MORE FREEDOM, to call the members of the Senate and Assembly and register their opposition to the anti-gun bills listed to the left.

Will you join us in this fight?
Calling for a VETO: Pass it On!

We need everyone to join in on this fight!  The moment we give up, is the moment they declare victory ... we cannot let that happen!  Our fight starts in the legislature, through lobbying and elections, and continues on through the legal branch.  We will fight these bills every step of the way!

Will you help spread the word?  Pass this message on to everyone you know who values the freedoms established by the United States Constitution!

Print out THIS FLYER and pass it around, to encourage EVERYONE you know to call Governor Jerry Brown!  We need every gun owner to register their opposition to EVERY ANTI-GUN BILL and to ask him to VETO any anti-gun/ammo/hunting bill that lands on his desk!  This coming year is an election year and we need to show him what the voters want!

        When making calls, PLEASE REMEMBER to:
  • Be respectful and refrain from using derogatory language.  Register your opposition and ask for their opposition.  Even if they already plan on supporting the bill, they will not register your call if you are offensive.
  • In general, Republican offices are in support of the Second Amendment.  Say "thank you" if they inform you of their opposition.