Thursday, July 24, 2014

Progressive Women's Committee presents District Four Congressional Candidate Art Moore - Thurs Aug 7

THE PROGRESSIVE WOMEN’S COMMITTEE will meet on Thursday, August 7 at 11:30 Thomi's Banquet Room in Jackson. The speaker for August will be District Four Congressional Candidate Art Moore. Because of the great interest in meeting and hearing Mr. Moore,
This is an OPEN MEETING and all interested persons are welcome to attend.
Reservations are required and may be made by contacting Sally at or 209-267-0177 no later than Monday, August 4th (sooner if possible)
The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes an entree, salad, vegetarian offering various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip. Pay at the door - cash (the exact amount is appreciated) or personal check only.
NOTE (and this is important): If you make a reservation and cannot attend, please call 209-267-0177 to cancel by Wednesday, August 6th at noon. You may be billed for the luncheon.

For more information on Art Moore, visit:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Regarding the Groundwater Proposal FS-2014-0001-0001

Please forward to all concerned with ground water, wells, and other EPA water issues
SUBJECT: : Regarding the Groundwater Proposal FS-2014-0001-0001
Good morning Mariposa Supervisors, I just made another comment at on the groundwater Proposed Directive FS-2014-0001-0001 (or if this doesn't work, drop the second 0001), requesting the comment period of 8/4/14 be extended to coincide with the other Proposal on our water, EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880 that was extended to 10/20/14.
There are now a whopping 12 comments on the groundwater Proposal, compared with over 204,500 on the other one.  Since they are both about our water, it only makes sense to extend the groundwater Proposal also.  Please consider adding this request to your response, and/or making a separate request to do it.
I don't understand why this Proposal has drawn so few comments, since it's at least as important to state and local water management agencies as the other one, if not more so!  It seems to me if the federal government gains control of all the groundwater underneath federally-managed lands, they can then basically control (or claim control) of the surface water as well, and probably water on adjacent land, whether public or private.  So private property owners should be protesting this government takeover as well.
This could be a subtle ploy to add water management agencies to the EPA end-runs around the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress.  Adding the regulations of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Acts (state and federal), and the Endangered Species Act (state and federal) would no doubt be a regulation nightmare for state and local agencies, and private property owners.  
Thank you very much!

Evie Wilson

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Another National Disgrace

Recently the Ledger Dispatch printed a commentary that was essentially yet another attack on immigrants, disguised this time as concern over water.  My response (below) was not printed, which seems to be a trend there this year, so I'm sending it to you for publication.
It was sickening to see the hate-filled faces of enraged bigots as they screamed and threatened little black children trying to enter schools in the south half a century ago.  I couldn't help but be reminded of it watching once again on television other hate filled adults yelling and poking signs at buses of unaccompanied children, and mothers and babies being transported to a detention center that I feel sure they did not want be at in the first place. Is that really the best we can do in the face of this humanitarian crisis, for which we have some historic responsibility by the way?  Is it really? 

We have once again been diminished as a nation by obnoxious and belligerent Anglo-bullies picking on innocent children of color, and women with babies. This is not to even mention Obama's relentless campaign of imprisonment and expulsion resulting in deportations, already approaching two million. But he, at least, was just "enforcing the law".

To say there is no racial motivation in this type of incident is absurd. In fact, that attitude is actually part of the problem, because denial of and indifference to racism are a big part of what helps to keep it going, especially in places like this where practically everybody's white. 

So for all you "illegal immigrant" haters out there, I suggest you take a good, long look around you. In an agricultural county with an overabundance of elderly people, that actually loses population, and is about to close schools because there aren't enough children, should that really be such a major concern to you? Really?

Nora Coryell

Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter to the Editor - Dollar General store would be an eyesore

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the scheduled Pine Grove Dollar General store project.

For many reasons, I feel there needs to be public input on this project. I have strong concerns over the "Negative Declarations"  status regarding the approval of the Environmental Impact Report and the omission of public review.

The zoning and EIR were granted over 20 years ago and they need to be revisited.

While concerned community residents and business people seek legal counsel and a Injunction to delay the project, I am hoping county officials will see fit to grant this themselves.

There is no reason to bring a box store such as Dollar General to our community, which holds "community concepts" dearly. We don't want our local retailers to suffer, not do we look forward to employment lay-offs and hours cut when those stores begin to feel the presence of Dollar General. Those employees will not be hired by Dollar General, as they historically only hire 4-6 part time employees and a manager. We don't need more unemployment in Amador! 

Not only would Dollar General be an eyesore in our community, we don't want the noise or the traffic. We pride ourselves on not having slave labor products, or unfair employment practices, both of which Dollar General has a well documented history.  Jackson already serves as a "shopping destination" with box stores sufficient to serve the masses. Just how populated do you think Pine Grove is? People here don't need this.

Our local retailers have been very generous with contributions for local projects. In contrast, Dollar General has stated they only donate to a national literacy program. Let's not punish our locals' hard work and generosity.

I see this as a county-wide issue, as Dollar General has stated they plan to build several more in our county. Please, give us, the People, the opportunity to have input into the direction of our own communities. And, please, let us do it without litigation.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions at the Amador County Board of Supervisor's meeting, Tuesday, July 15th at 9:00 am or in writing.

Most sincerely,

Susan Lukasha
Pine Grove resident and property owner

Friday, July 11, 2014

Central Sierra Connect Conducts Survey Contest

Hello from your Internet Broadband Advocates at Central Sierra Connect,
Central Sierra Connect is a program of the Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency. Our vision is to bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband to the people and the people to broadband. Right now, that vision is threatened by inaccurate information being used by decision makers in Sacramento and Washington D.C.
Our region needs high speed, broadband Internet service in order to grow and prosper in today’s economy. We need to get accurate information into the hands of those who fund the projects that can make that happen. To do that, we need to know about the Internet service you receive at your home and business addresses.
And we've made it super easy to do – it only takes 5 minutes!
Just click on this link to access the Internet Service Reporting Form:
To sweeten the deal during the month of July 2014, Central Sierra Connect will award DAILY prizes to residents of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa counties, who submit a completed Internet Service Reporting Form, telling us about their Internet service
Follow the simple directions to fill out the form completely and remember to hit the “Submit” button so your data comes directly to us! We will collect the information and forward it to the California Public Utilities Commission, so that they can correct the errors that currently exist on the “official map” for the Mother Lode region. To learn more, please read THE FACTS about why every citizen in our region should do this, in the attachment to this email.

Please share this email with everyone you know in our 5 county region: friends, neighbors, family, service clubs and groups to which you belong – EVERYONE! Why? Because in 2014, high speed broadband Internet is essential for our communities to grow and prosper.

If you have questions regarding this contest or the mission of CSC, please call or text Darrell Slocum at 209.770.5777.

**Contest Rules**
1.      One entry (Internet Service Reporting Form submission) is permitted per physical address. No PO Boxes, please. That is NOT where you access your Internet.
2.      To be entered into the drawing(s) you must leave your name and email address so we can contact you if you win.
3.      One $25 gift card will be randomly awarded each day in the month of July, 2014 to one lucky winner in one of the 5 above-mentioned counties. Submit your Internet Service Reporting Form early for more chances to win!
4.      Citizens from all 5 counties will win $25 gift cards.
5.      Those who have won a $25 gift card are ineligible to win a second one, but will be in the running for a Grand Prize.
6.      In the first week of August, one Grand Prize Winner will be randomly selected from each of the 5 counties to win a  $750 cash prize. (That’s right, 5 winners at $750 each!!)
7.      All winners for the daily prize and the Grand Prize will be contacted by CSC staff via email.
8.      All winners will also be announced on the CSC Facebook website (
9.      Winners will be given 3 days to contact CSC to claim their prizes. Non-responding winners will forfeit their prize and it will be awarded to the next randomly drawn entry.

Thank you for helping us to bridge the digital divide in the Mother Lode,
Shelly Hance, Darrell Slocum and Kathleen Haff
Central Sierra Connect Broadband Consortium

Friday, July 4, 2014

Motherlode Tea Party at the Amador County Fair

The Motherlode Tea Party

JULY 24TH - 27TH

We need your HELP

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we are experiencing the erosion of our freedoms.  We need to push back, i.e. informing our friends & relatives as to what is happening in our country.  Write correspondence to our law makers, signing petitions (IRS Petition), write editorials, go to local meetings, and help when help is needed.....

WE NEED YOU!!!!!! 
The Motherlode Tea Party along with the CA Gunowners Association have the "Barber Shop" again this year at the Amador County Fair.  
Sign up for a 3 hour shift.  
Discount entry tickets available for volunteers. 
 Call Virginia Manner 209 296-5549 

The Connection 
between Uganda
Wild & Scenic

Mark Bennett

Keep Informed