Monday, September 29, 2014

Quarry Issues in Ione

They are at it again; the San Francisco developers who want to turn Ione and Western Amador County into a dirty, industrial wasteland. We sued them and won in in court in February. Amador Superior Court stopped the Newman Ridge quarry and Edwin Center North Asphalt plant projects by ruling in our favor that the project was environmentally damaging, and that the Public was denied the knowledge it needed to stop it.

Now they are recirculating "corrected" chapters, and want permission to send up to1400 asphalt and gravel trucks per day through the tiny town of Ione and beyond, at all hours of the day. This is insanity. Can you picture this in Ione? If we don’t speak up, we will lose our town, our county, our businesses, tourism and our lifestyle. No one will want to come to Ione and this is the main entrance to our County from Sacramento! But you can stop it.  All you need to do is send a short letter to the Supervisors, and tell them you don’t want this huge, polluting, permanently damaging project in our back yard, clogging our streets, ruining our health, polluting our air, stealing our water and destroying our businesses, killing all manner of wildlife and rare plants and blue oaks and everything we treasure here the Ione Valley.

All of the information you need to know is on the Ione Valley Land, Air and Water Defense Alliance website: – videos, facts, legal documents, details, and pictures. Your voice is powerful, but not if you don’t use it.

We elected our Supervisors, so now let’s give them some straight talk about how we feel about this. Please write to them. Here are their email addresses,  so you can send it to all of them and the Planning Commission:,,,,,
Best regards,

Sondra West-Moore
for Ione Valley Land, Air & Water Defense Alliance (LAWDA)
office: 818 508-4744
cell: 818 681-4182

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