Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last-minute, PAC-financed Novelli mailer and late donations raise concerns about out-of-county influence in District Three Supervisor election

Amador County District Three voters recently received a glossy, color campaign mailing promoting incumbent Ted Novelli for Amador County Supervisor paid for by the “Accountability and Safety Education Fund PAC,” with a return address of a political communications firm in Gridley, California. Josh F.W. Cook, Assemblyman Brian Dahle’s chief of staff, is a principal in that firm. The firm lists a variety of clients on its website, including JTS Properties, which has development interests in Amador County.

When asked for information about the PAC by e-mail, Cook replied that it is available in the “county clerk’s” office, yet no information could be located in Jackson today. A search of the Secretary of State’s records had similar results. Cook has not responded to requests for information on donors to the PAC.

Novelli’s campaign also filed a late campaign statement that shows three $1,000 donations from residents of Sacramento, Folsom and El Dorado Hills. All were made after October 19.

“I’m concerned to see a mysterious outside political action committee spending money on our local supervisor’s race,” said Pine Grove resident Lori Jagoda. “It can’t help but make you wonder whose money they’re spending and what those people may want in return. District Three voters deserve to know who is giving money and providing support to candidates for office.”

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Anonymous said...

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Before Morgan's supporters start attacking Novelli out of desperation,they should look at Morgan's financial numbers as printed in last week's Ledger Dispatch. Our home has received four 8 1/2 X 11 glossy, full of photos, Morgan mailers in the last four weeks. The first mailer was four pages. Yet,the numbers reported by Morgan for printing and postage costs could not possibly cover the cost of the blanket mailers in District Three? Where did the extra money come from, or who comped the cost? How much money or freebies have come from out of county? What PAC's have donated money to her besides the Public Employee's Union SEIU.

Yes, I know that one of Morgan's supporters tried to float a balloon by attacking Novelli for paying an out of county consultant. However, the Morgan supporter didn't say or know that the consultant's former jobs were working for Dianne Feinstein as her field representative for twenty seven counties and as Doris Matsui's district representative. Both former employers are liberal Democrats. I'm sure that evil paid consultant would vote or Morgan if he lived here.

Novelli's financial paperwork, as always, will be on the up and up when all is said and done. As to Morgan, who knows? Maybe her numbers are being handled by the same people and in the same way that "Wild and Scenic" was finagled through the state legislature bypassing our own county representatives.

Anonymous said...

And yet, he lost. I trust the Ledger will also be printing details of his contributors, just as they did hers, albeit it will be a little late. Lynn won because she campaigned by going door to door and really talking to her constituents, and having a great reputation for community service, involvement and improvement, instead of counting on the bar crowd to stagger down to the polls or send in a ballot. Guess they must have been too hung over this year. Lucky for the rest of us. Let this be a lesson to all you smug, self-satisfied good ol' boys

Honestly, let's just admit it. We don't get a lot of good news of this type here. But, every little once in a while...........

Anonymous said...

As of Wednesday afternoon 1,500 absentee votes, many turned in yesterday at polling places, county wide have yet to be counted. How many are from District 3? Maybe up to four hundred, who knows. Those late absentee ballots may match the votes from yesterday where Ted Novelli received more votes than Morgan. Morgan's 77 vote lead may go bye-bye. Don't count your chickens until they hatch.

Anonymous said...

And,, as We know, several elections have mysteriously "changed course" when county employees "took home boxes filled with ballots over the weekend", not in just one election, several elections have been tampered with. Don't try it again folks, Morgan had a good margin over Novelli with early absentee ballots. If all or most of these so called "late absentee ballots" are suddenly in favor of Novelli, then You will know You were cheated in another election, Amador county.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for laughing. Isn't Morgan the darling of the SEIU and county employees union? They gave her at least $5,000. Why in the world would they want to steal an election from her? If anything, Novelli should be worried about ballot tampering. If the county employees did tamper with ballots to favor Novelli, then that says a lot about the difference between the union members and their leadership. It also says a lot about how the members dues money is spent. No , I think any late mail in ballots may may match the voting trend as shown by people who actually went to the polls to vote. Novelli won those voters over, and he may have won over the people who mailed in their ballots late or chose to hand them in at a polling place. By the time this is posted we may know the final results.