Monday, February 23, 2015

Newest Member Philip Young takes Oath for Amador County Republican Party

PC Young takes Oath as President of the Amador County Republican Party
Amador County Republican Party is moving forward (not leaning). We are here to serve you Amador County.
We have meetings the 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm. at 12275 Martell Jackson CA.
We can be found on Twitter @AmadorGOP

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Mokelumne River Wild and Scenic - my views on this issue

I've been watching this ongoing issue and reading across all who present sides on this plus studying past history of instances of the "Water Wars" that occurred long ago. The past on this issue runs deep into our national history of ranching and farming that helped build and feed this nation. The past is not pretty.

There are no true winners in this W&S venture as some would think. He who controls the water also controls the local economy and yes livelihood of other's private and commercial businesses in the effected region. This is just simple common logic and common sense from long ago when there were water wars that effected cattle ranchers and farmers across the whole nation long ago. Lots of ranchers lost whole herds or had to sell early due to these water wars. It hurt millions and cost millions of dollars in lost incomes. It ruined far to many a hard working ranch and farm owners in those days.

Today it is not only cattle ranchers and the farmer but grape growers as well. Seems the water wars of long ago are back again. Only now it is the conservationists against the working man or family instead of the rich and wealthy against the new up and coming rancher or farmer as it was back then.

Has anybody thought that deep on this issue?

Who could be hurt the most that it might drive them out of business and their future livelihoods is a huge question here. 

Charles E Dudley Jr

Jackson California