Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Open Letter to the Opponents of the Newman Ridge Quarry Project

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D. Norman said...

I previously authored a commentary on transparency regarding the Newman Ridge project. The project is certainly controversial. The point of my commentary was that I believe it is important that all of its proponents are identified.

Amador Ranch Associates may appear to be an organization made up of citizens of Amador County, and most probably from the Ione area. This “Open Letter” contains a number of Ione residents as signatories, along with other “community leaders and neighbors” of the project. It could easily be assumed that they paid for the letter.

As I wrote earlier, Amador Ranch Associates, LLC, is a corporation based in Corte Madera, California. According to CorporationWiki it has one member, Bt Amador LLC, also based in Corte Madera.

Bt Amador has two members, John Telischak and William Bunce. Mr. Telischak has interests in other corporate entities including Wp Realty & Management Co., Wp Construction, Inc., and nineteen more corporations. He is President of Deep Cliff Associates, LP, a golf course management company. He is also one of two members of Oakland Golf LLC, a golf course management company.

Bunce and Telischak, are partners in Gold Rush Ranch and Golf Resort, a 945-acre development proposed for adjoining Sutter Creek. That development would include 1,634 homes, a golf course and resort hotel.

Mr. Telischak and Mr. Bunce, as Amador Ranch Associates, have an unquestioned right to develop any kind of projects they desire, as long as they are approved. Citizen input is vital.

D. Norman