Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Letter to the Editor from the Lockwood Fire Protection District

Lockwood Fire Protection District
PO Box 221, Volcano California 95689
To Residents of the Lockwood Fire Protection District:
As you know, you are living in a High Wildfire Danger area of Amador County. During their June 1 meeting, the Lockwood Fire Protection District Board addressed the urgency of fire protection clearing within the Lockwood Fire Protection District. This urgency has been reinforced by the ongoing fires throughout the West which have dangerously stretched fire-fighting agencies across the state. This scenario makes the risk of uncontrolled fire even greater.
You are strongly urged to immediately examine your property for fire protection and take the necessary actions to protect your home by clearing 100 feet of defensible space around all structures (CA PRC 4291). In addition, your examination and action should to include the effect your vacant property may have on neighboring property.  To aid you in your defensible space clearance, the green waste container will be at Station 151 until July 15.
The only fire hydrant in the district is at Mella Drive, so there is a clear need for water tanks throughout the District, especially along the Shake Ridge and Fiddletown Road corridors. These tanks can be used to refill water tenders during wildland fires.  Contact the fire department for plumbing and connection standards.  If you have an existing tank, please notify us so it can be added to the district map.
If everyone does their part, our firefighters will stand a better chance of helping to provide protection.  
Cathy M. Koos Breazeal, President

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SEIU Labor Day Picnic - Sept 7

Recall Petition: ACUSD Superintendent Dick Glock

I don't know if you have been reading the Ledger, but our Elected School Board Officials have voted to not renew Glock's Superintendent of ACUSD contract. As a result of the non-renewal Glock no longer has a salaried position with ACUSD.

Richard Glock has not only done away with the Autism program after moving it to Plymouth, who were not financially prepared or staffed, then he decided it was cheaper to pay settlements to the parents then developing a program to help them.

What happens as the years go by and there are more special needs children? Will this become the county that is known for turning away or legally negotiating with the parents for all required therapy?
Glock's elected position as the Superintendent Amador County Office of Education is a non-paid position. Glock knew it was a non-paying position and Glock also knew that his contract with ACUSD was about to expire and with 2 negative reviews would most likely not be renewed. Glock is now demanding a salary for his elected ACOE position.
I am starting a recall petition. My reason for doing so is to give a voice for those who may not get a chance to speak up. I need 20 signatures from Amador County registered voters to initiate the petition. I would like those 20 signatures to be long standing, well respected community members that Glock, the School Board and various community members would recognize and respect.
The grounds for recall are below. If you are interested in signing the petition, let me know. I can bring the petition to you at your convenience.
Superintendent Richard Glock knowingly ran for an unpaid elected position and now, after two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations by the ACUSD Board of Trustees, and the Board's vote to not renew his contract, our superintendent of schools is suing the school district for compensation for his unpaid, elected position as superintendent of the County Office of Education. This lawsuit, if successful, would be paid from school district funds, which will directly impact our students, further reflecting Mr. Glock's priorities and disregard for every student's right to a quality education. A successful recall election will remove Mr. Glock from his elected position and release him from his unpaid responsibilities. Most importantly, it will give the elected ACUSD Board of Trustees the opportunity to fill both vacant positions with a highly qualified candidate. Amador County deserves a superintendent who can competently fulfill his elected and appointed responsibilities to our students, their families, and the Amador County community at large.
Please forward this to anybody that you think may be interested. And please join Recall Dick Glock on Facebook.
Thank you
Brenda Wilson

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Road To Freedom - by Lydia Kanno

From the last Amador Republican Central Committee meeting, May 21, 2015:

Hello, My name is Lydia Kanno and I would like to tell you about myself and my life as a Christian in Iraq and now living United States Of America.

I was born in Baghdad Iraq and raised by a wonderful Christian family. My parents worked very hard to give us the education and the freedom that they did not have. As an Assyrian Christian, who are the indigenous people of Iraq, we have been massacred and genocide by Arab Muslims and Kurdish Muslims.

My memories of a young school girl were to be taken out of school and taken to “Freedom Square” to witness a public execution by hanging under a makeshift hanging tree (a power pole). This was a message to all Iraqis of what would happen to them if they went against the government. That picture is still ingrained in my mind. This was how children were being brought up through fear. The Christians mostly lived in close proximity to each other in every town the were in, but we still paid the price of being a Christian.

When I graduated business school, I worked for Saddam Hussein as a system supervisor under the ministry of the interior. Working for the Iraqi government wasn’t as prestigious as it sounds; along with myself, my family was watched. I could not go to a foreign embassy to find work as a means of escape because my family would be tortured, namely the males. During the two years that I worked for the government, my uncle was arrested and tortured because he worked for Saudi Airlines as an accountant and was asked to spy on them, which he refused. My brother in law, David, worked for the government as an engineer was arrested simply for singing old Assyrian Patriotic songs. David went missing for approx. 40 days and to this day will not discuss his ordeal. David and his family are now living in Chicago, and is the father of a United States Marine, Ramsin, who has served 2 terms in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan.

The next ugly memory I have is during a Church picnic. While at the lake, Saddam’s henchmen approached us wanting to take the women and young girls. The males in my family fought them off, only to be arrested later that day, but at least they protected the women and children. The males spent a very long night being beaten and having their heads shaved, only to be released the next day. After this was when my father said we have to leave Iraq. We all left under the cover of darkness so that even our neighbors would not know but could only do it one at a time, maybe two. It is possible that not many people know, but a single woman can only leave while accompanied by a male, either husband, brother or father. I fled to Jordan, as that is where my father escorted me to, Upon his return, he was questioned regarding my whereabouts. He simply responded that I had run away; he was forced to pay a fine. Basically, I had a price on my head and he had to pay it.

I arrived in Chicago December 18th 1979 I went to live with my uncle and his family until my parent, grandparents and siblings joined me in 1980/81 except my oldest sister, Linda, as she was married to David, whom I mentioned before. They walked for four days during Winter, and only at night to escape to Turkey. They finally arrived in Chicago in 1992 after having gone through Turkey, Jordan, Russia, Canada, then finally Chicago.

We left all our belongings houses, money, photographs and memories along with friends and some relatives. Upon arrival we started from nothing we worked and went to school to get an education to start a fresh life here in the great United States of America, which is worth more than everything we left behind.

In closing, I would like to mention we need to protect our Freedoms from our current liberal president and this administration. We have sacrificed thousands of lives to protect it, and must not let this socialist president take it down.

Hillary Clinton is Obama's 3rd term and we must fight to elect a president who believes in the constitution and who loves this country as I do.

Lydia Kanno

“If We Lose Freedom Here, There Is No Place To Escape To.
This Is The Last Stand On Earth.”

- Ronald Reagan

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mokelumne Wild & Scenic River Study Bill Passes Assembly

River advocates are pleased that the California State Assembly passed legislation on Monday, June 1, calling for a study of Mokelumne River as a state-protected Wild & Scenic River.
AB 142, introduced by Assemblyman Frank Bigelow (R-O'Neals), was approved by the Assembly with a resoundingly bipartisan 71-3 vote. The bill will provide interim protection of the Mokelumne River upstream of Pardee Reservoir while also requiring a study of the river's suitability for permanent protection as a California Wild and Scenic River. After the study, the state Resources Secretary will make a recommendation regarding whether the river should be added to the California Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

"We're excited to see AB 142 moving forward," said Foothill Conservancy Executive Director Cecily Smith. "The Mokelumne deserves permanent protection, and this vote is a positive step in that direction. We're grateful to Assemblyman Bigelow for amending his bill to provide protection for the river while still giving water agencies the study they requested."

Conservation advocates and the East Bay Municipal Utility District originally opposed the bill. But when the bill was amended to conform to Wild and Scenic study bills previously enacted by the Legislature, they changed their position to support. Supporters now include Foothill Conservancy, Friends of the River, Calaveras Action Coalition, Ebbets Pass Forest Watch, My Valley Springs, American Whitewater, Planning and Conservation League, California League of Conservation Voters, and many other groups.

A Wild & Scenic River is protected from new dams and diversions that may harm the waterway’s free flowing character and natural condition. There are nearly 1,400 miles of rivers protected in the California Wild and Scenic Rivers System, including the Lower American River through Sacramento, the South Yuba River, Cache Creek, the West Walker River and the East Carson River.

"Bi-partisan approval of this important bill in the Assembly proves that protecting our heritage of free flowing natural rivers is shared by all Californians,” said Steve Evans, Wild Rivers Consultant for the statewide group, Friends of the River.

AB 142 now moves to the State Senate, where it will be reviewed in the Natural Resources and Water
Committee later this month.

For more information:

Cecily Smith, Foothill Conservancy – (209) 223-3508, cecily@foothillconservancy.org
Steve Evans, Friends of the River – (916) 708-3155, sevans@friendsoftheriver.org