Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Our Troubles Are Over!

         We can all relax now. Trump has announced in California that there is no drought! That was a close call (gag). You know it really is time now for all those poor, delusional Trump lovers to wake up and smell the caca, as in major BS spewed daily.  

      That fiction about him being self-funding has now officially ended as he fund raises while pretending of course that it's "for the party" and not for him. The first thing he'll do is pay back the money he "loaned" his campaign thus far, and then he wants about a billion of the party's money to run against Hillary. Of course he still has the money he supposedly raised for veterans when he chickened out of the last Republican debate, hiding behind veterans and claiming far more than was raised all of which he sort of forgot to give to the vets afterward. Savvy vets. and women, along with minorities will bring him down in the end.

      And what a fiasco that run is going to be (as in HUUUUGE). Can't wait until he has to debate somebody who actually knows something but guess we'll have to since now he's chickened out of debating Bernie the day after he proposed and touted it. We look for him to chicken out again with HIllary if there's any way he can, or "choke" as he puts it. He's terrified of her and Elizabeth Warren and uncomfortable with any woman who's not just another pretty face, and even more afraid of President Obama who is absolutely everything he's not and so good at reducing him to the lying little nut that he really is.

    An obnoxious boor, adored by his fellow boors, who lies constantly, demeans minorities and women and generally makes a fool of himself on foreign affairs now attacks his opponent because her husband cheated on her? Look who's talking. If I were Hillary I'd tell the goofball that he's not half the man Bill is (though they do have a similar problem), and ask him how HIS wives liked his constant philandering and betrayals. To divert attention from his own outrageous behavior he is now trotting out the entire right wing conspiracy laundry list -  which will be his stock in trade until November.

    He has done one truly great thing for America though, by definitively exposing the colossal lie of phony religiosity and "family values" that his party of the moment has erroneously claimed for about half a century. There hasn't been this much shuck and jive since P.T. Barnum, but we do thank him for giving the lie to that, and for the laughs to come as he crashes and burns.

- Nora Coryell

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Letter the Editor: Gwen Clayton is my Candidate for Amador County Supervisor

Frank Axe’s press release of May 1, 2016 was an obvious attempt to deceive voters. First of all, he claims to live in Pine Grove. No doubt, after the Pine Grove candidates forum a couple weeks ago, it was obvious the town wanted a representative that would be devoted to its unity. While it’s true that Pine Grove is not an incorporated city, and therefore does not have any legal city limits,  Axe’s residence is in the housing community of Surrey Junction - an affluent subdivision off Ridge Road with a Sutter Creek mailing address (and listed in the County records as being in the unincorporated area of Sutter Creek). Axe also owns an investment property in downtown Sutter Creek, so to imply he lives in Pine Grove is dishonest.

He quotes an endorsement from Pine Grove Civic Community Improvement Club secretary Jan Houghton with promises to give the town better representation. But no one knows how he is planning to accomplish his goals other than to hold Town Hall meetings. He has never been seen at any of the recent PGCIC events - including the Celebrate Pine Grove festival that took place two weeks after the Butte Fire, which devastated our community.

The rest of Frank's press release was full of more empty Utopian promises. What voters need to remember is that politicians will promise anything to get elected. It is our duty to ask them how they are going to realize those goals and what they have done in the past to instill confidence in us.

Gwen Clayton actually does live in Pine Grove. She is a member of the Pine Grove Civic Improvement Club, and has been attending the group’s events for several years. She is actively engaged in the Amador community every day - speaking with people from diverse backgrounds and listening to their views. They don't have to come to her; she will come to them.

As a County employee, she knows how public policy plays out in the real world. Her platform is based on years of research that comes from both her workaday life as well as her studies while earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration. Axe may hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry, but how does that prepare him for a post-academia career in government?

Gwen Clayton has a solid record of supporting veterans (she is married to retired Army Staff Sergeant Eddie Clayton), promoting local small businesses through social media and journalism, and improving efficiency in government business practices. She also raised a daughter in Amador County schools. Gwen actually knows what it is like to raise a family in this county and earn a living here. Frank has never done either. Gwen Clayton has earned my confidence and proven that she is a leader with realistic goals for our county’s future.

I encourage everyone in District 4 to vote for Gwen Clayton on June 7th.

Kristen Root
Pine Grove

Monday, May 2, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Race, Class or Intellectual Struggle?

This is incredible. I have talked to three actual (and one wife of) dyed in the wool Democrats who have registered Republican to vote for Donald Trump right here in Amador County, and NOT because they plan to vote for him, quite the contrary.  In each case it was because:  1. it will ensure the Dem. takeover of Congress if Trump is nominated or 2. the Republican party will implode and be destroyed and 3. the entire Democrat "downticket" will benefit.

This kind of devious cunning never occurred to me and hopefully it won't backfire on us, like the voters for Nader who stuck us with Bush did. As I recall they never did get around to admitting their mistake and its devastating consequences. I've read about this crossover strategy happening in other parts of the country but wasn't really convinced until hearing from these smart and savvy people that they'd actually done it, and why. Meanwhile Trump brags about cross-over Democrats. Boy is he in for a surprise.  I'll bet 90% of them are similarly motivated, at least in this state. Why else would any intelligent, self-respecting Dem. want him to be nominated?

Californian's in S. Cal and the Bay Area are certainly letting Trump know exactly how they feel about him being here, though needless to say the violence is deplorable.  In the Bay Area where his negatives are an unheard of 86%, it should come as no surprise that he could barely get into the hotel to speak at the convention without traipsing through a field, jumping a wall and sneaking in the back door.  When he said he felt like he was crossing the border, well, in a way he was. Overt racism like his is never going to succeed here. And how embarrassing is it that Trump is opening a campaign office in our area of California? Is our region the last bastion of racism and misogyny in California? Mortifying is the word that springs to mind.

So apparently this is going to be a lesser of the evils kind of election. Bernie's class conflict didn't work to get him on the ticket. The Republicans have two repulsive, unelectable candidates and an also ran. For me and most of my Dem. friends Hillary is way too much of a hawk. But let's face it, Amador, rational Americans, when they get to thinking realistically about it, are not going to want to see Trumps stubby, little fingers anywhere near the nuclear buttons.  His gaffes on foreign affairs are legion and probably the result of his talking to himself as his main advisor (remember that little gem) which he followed up with "I say a lot of things". That much is certainly true, even if it is mostly bald-faced lies and nonsense.  In fact I sometimes wonder if Trump has any idea what he does think until he hears what he says, even if it's only for a day that he thinks it. He mostly just seems to run off at the mouth and then try to come up with a rationale later if questioned about it. Sadly he isn't questioned enough, because thoughtful and informed he is certainly not. Can't wait until he tries to debate Hillary who is just the opposite.

Trump has certainly proven that you can fool some of the Republicans all of the time, though Wisconsin proved you can't fool them all.  Democrats however are a little different. He should know that having been one all his life, until just lately. Notice he didn't try to run these little tricks of hatred and rabble rousing on his usual party. Somehow I still can't get past the notion that his whole candidacy is a plan that he cooked up with the Clintons to pass the time at his latest wedding where they were prime guests. Nothing else makes sense to me.  Either he is the greatest saboteur ever or just another megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.

Nora Coryell