Friday, November 11, 2016

Mourning In America

Allow me to note that Jack did not have my permission to swipe my last letter off your web site and print it in his casino "newspaper" nor did you have the right to allow him to do that, if in fact you did. We all know well his propensity to pluck his "news and opinion" pieces off the internet. It's been one of the major complaints about him for many years, violates copyright laws and is just plain unethical and unprofessional. But, so what is new? Please publish this on your blog along with the following letter that I sent to my hundreds of foreign friends on Linked In. As you know I don't dally around on Farcebook so if you can refrain from printing it there I would prefer that as I won't see any possible responses.

To my many hundreds of friends around the world:

It's mourning in America and I offer you my sincerest, heartfelt apologies for our deplorable American voters and their Republican president elect. They clearly know not what they do and have now transferred their fear to the rest of us, out of ignorance mostly. I am really very sorry.

Know that when they try to weaken our alliances around the world, destroy our climate change advances, promote racism and hate through attempted bans on who can enter the country and bomb more innocent families, block refugees from entering our nation and start mass deportations, just a few of the things they've promised to do, that the rest of us will do everything in OUR power to stop them. Even now, as I write this, many thousands of citizens all around the country are marching in protest. I'm glad that two thirds of California voted for somebody other than Trump, and that nationwide Hillary won the popular vote. The suppressing of the votes of minorities is another factor, and common Republican tactic which no doubt affected the outcome as well. The voters that didn't bother to exercise their franchise are equally to blame for this tragic occurrence. It should never have happened.

I have never been so ashamed to be an American in the half century that I've been able to vote. Please forgive us and try to be patient. We are a young and apparently a very ignorant nation that is sometimes great and sometimes very misguided. Unfortunately this in one of the latter times, but it too will pass. Peace, hope, love and best wishes to you all,

- Nora Coryell

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Amador Community News is an open source, community access platform and is shareable via E-mail, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and yes...Facebook. Comments can be made at the end of the blog. I do not have control over readers who share through these platforms; however, Nora is correct, and I wish to publicly apologize and thank her for bringing this to my attention. In the past, there have been problems and complaints about the lack of transparency in Amador’s media, and I admit that I’ve sometimes been too earnest in making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Please forgive me.

In the future, I will require that Jack/The Acorn receive and publish their own letters and opinion pieces. Additionally, may I add that I do not know what uncomfortable issues are between Ms. Coryell and Mr. Mitchell. Therefore, as I will and have continued to publish all content sent to me for the Soapbox, I refuse to let ACN or myself be caught in the middle of any [political] tug-of-war or be used as an attack platform.

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Real Amador said...

Thank You Nora for voicing our sentiments as well. And just remember, we will not go quietly into the coming darkness!