Friday, November 4, 2016

The demise of the Ledger Dispatch and Misc.

Many Amadorians are mourning the loss of the Ledger Dispatch and considering how best to address this travesty. So now we have The Acorn, which might better be named "Car Crash News" and which claims to provide "objective regional news", adding insult to injury. Jack Mitchell has never shown any sign of objectivity, and will be objective in the same way that Fox News is "fair and balanced".

Assume you'll be doing a story on the destruction of our beloved 161 year old newspaper, especially since its replacement, the Acorn purports to cover Calaveras County when it can't even cover Jackson adequately, and the first few issues have been so pathetic.

Having searched and consulted others about whether there is any other tribe that owns a local newspaper, I find there are none that we can locate. I consulted an old friend that works in the field of tribal publications. There are many tribes that have publications for their public, centered on Indian affairs. Below are the best known Indian media, all focused on the Native American communities. News from Indian Country is probably the best known.

I think that a group of concerned Amador citizens should write to the tribe and inquire as to what their editorial policies and publication protocols will be, and possibly express a few concerns. One group that might do this could be those who have served in the past on the CAB of the Ledger. Other community based groups might also be so inclined.

The tribe enjoys a good reputation in the community, and may not really realize how controversial this takeover could become or the type of liability they are taking on by employing Mitchell and Hedger. More publicizing of this in the region and discussion locally is important at this point. Discussions on "farcebook' will not suffice. Action is needed.

Nora Coryell

The American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) network is a national distribution system for Native programming to Tribal communities and to general audiences through Native American and other public radio stations as well as the Internet. Listen to great Native American programming -- live call-in talk shows, concerts, and more -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in RealAudio. If you have the Free Version of RealPlayer you can start listening now to Live Programming or Past Programs.
NativeWeb began its existence in May of 1994 as an outgrowth of the NativeNet listserv mailing lists. Marc Becker, then a graduate student in Latin American History who had worked on HNSource, a pioneering history web site at the University of Kansas, began discussions with Gary S. Trujillo, the founder and moderator of the NativeNet lists, about using this new technology to support and extend the struggles of Indigenous peoples around the globe.
National Native News is the only daily news and information program produced from a Native perspective that can be heard on more than 200 public radio stations nationwide and in Canada. The National Native News service has filled a crucial gap in the news industry, for more than 16 years, by providing coverage of national and regional news stories from a different perspective than other news sources.
The News From Indian Country is a twice-monthly, independent, Indian-owned newspaper supplying national news, pow-wow dates, and information to all of Indian Country.
Native Voice Communications is dedicated to building respect, understanding and community empowerment through multi-media and interactive digital technology. The foremost desire of Native Voice Communications is to help Native people express concerns regarding our cultures, histories and contemporary issues.
The Navajo Times reaches more than 100,000 readers from North America, Europe and Japan and has built a reputation as the most respected, award-winning Native-owned and controlled newspaper in the Western Hemisphere.
Every weekday, Indianz.Com publishes two to three features on news worthy issues and/or other topics of interest. You can read stories on a wide range of topics, including legislation, court decisions, health issues, and politics.
Indian Country Today is a weekly newspaper that covers national news and events.
The Native American Rights Fund publishes the NARF Legal Review bi-annually, one during the Winter/Spring seasons, and the other during the Fall/Summer seasons. It covers current cases and issues related to NARF and Indian Country.
Native American Times bills itself as the Nation's Largest Independent Indian News Source and is subscription based.
California Indian Gaming News contains extensive links to Native American news articles from newspapers across the country concerning Indian gaming and related issues. It is maintained by Victor Rocha of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, California. It also contains extensive newslinks to newspapers web sites.
Cherokee Observer bills itself as the only independent Cherokee Newspaper. It also has links to Cherokee Nation Laws and Issues, Cherokee Observer Archives, Cherokee Language Page, and Subscription Information.
Char-Koosta News is the official news publication of the Flathead Indian Nation.
Tribal College Journal is quarterly publication for American Indian educators, federal and tribal leaders, students and others interested in Indian issues.
Native Peoples Magazine is dedicated to the sensitive portrayal of the arts and lifeways of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
Tribal Employment Newsletter serves the employment and recruitment needs of Native Americans, tribal organizations, university placement offices, government and industry.
Navajo Hopi Observer Online contains extensive listings of news, sports and other categories of interest.
Native Americas is the quarterly publication of Akwe:kon Press of the American Indian Program at Cornell University. It features articles that cover the most important and critical issues of concern to native (indigenous/aboriginal) peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere, synthesizing the many voices, perspectives and streams of information that currently permeate the communication highways.
Yahoo News has a special section containing mainstream newspaper articles on Native American News.

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