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The Jefferson Messenger - Aug 26, 2017

The Jefferson Messenger 

Edition 16 . August 26, 2017 . Volume 1 

It’s hard being involved with a group that is above board and believes in the Constitution to the depths of their souls. It is the childlike naivete of we who look up in awe to those we have handed one of the three branches of power that will be our undoing.

To what am I referring? A member of the Citizens for Fair Representation (CFR) counsel on August 17th, asked Judge Mueller for the large courtroom noting the size difference of 58 in her regular room to the 150 in the larger court facility. The request was accompanied by a fair explanation of why the larger room would be a more reasonable accommodation. As shown below, Counsel for CFR explained that many individuals were coming from out of town, driving long distances and renting hotel rooms.



The response from the judge was a one-liner:  Request denied.

This request was made a week in advance of the meeting date.  Our penalty, for being forthright, honest and respecting the Court, was a backhanded slap in the face.  If you look at the link included in the attorney’s request,, it has the following quote: “A person who wishes to observe a court in session may check the court calendar online or at the courthouse and watch a proceeding. Our Constitution and court tradition give citizens right of access to court proceedings. Citizens gain confidence in the courts by seeing judicial work in action, and learn first-hand how the judicial system works.”

Our price for our belief in a just court system cost us collectively hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Hotels, flights, vacation requests, supply purchases, work shift trades; the list goes on and on. Was a lesson learned? Several. We knew that the legislature was corrupt by their inaction when confronted with petitions grieving government. We knew the executive branch is corrupt when they ignored our pleas for representation. What we did not know is that the last branch of government to which we placed our faith was rotten as well.

Some, as I did, questioned the sanity of calling out the judge by emailing and writing letters to her. After all, she’d granted a three-judge panel per US Code, but less than 24 hours before our first day in court, she sets the three judge panel aside and CANCELS our day in court. After having all the pertinent information for over a week, she cancels the date costing us a huge sum. Asking our attorneys if it is reasonable to chastise the judge, their response was that it was not appropriate for the plaintiffs to attempt to make contact with the judge or Padilla’s attorneys. But when pressed, our attorneys indicated they understood the people’s concern over what the judge had done. When asked if people still had first amendment rights to comment on what had happened, they assured us the First Amendment was still in effect. So now having seen the type of justice we are dealing with it appears we still have the right to comment on it.

The Declaration of Independence claimed as one of its injuries: “He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.”

We planned to attend a hearing distant from our homes and our courtesy contact with this Court resulted in an injury that is a precursor to the treatment we can anticipate from a hostile government.

The defense in this case is weak, the courts are like every other branch of government, so let's strategize for the long game. 
  • Exercise your 1st Amendment rights
  • Be professional
  • And remember to whom you are writing.

This judicial in-security can also work to our advantage if we bring ENOUGH public pressure to bear on an insecure self doubting jurist. We have all the power. We need to start using it. No excuses. 5000 letters to this Court and to the Citizens Redistricting Commission. We must protest!!!! Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic is not ok!!!! We demand representation. We demand Jefferson.


If you’ve wondered whether Providence is watching over us, consider this: what happened in the previous article led this this discovery...

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is meeting this Friday, September 1st, at 10am. Now, we are used to government stuffing important meetings next to three-day holiday weekends in places distant from our homes, but this next fact should remove all doubt about the corrupt nature of California’s government.  Not only is the redistricting commission holding this meeting next to Labor Day weekend in downtown Sacramento (915 L Street, [Cedar Room] Sacramento, CA 95814), you can go to one of the other two locations and conference in.  The first location is 308 Cherry Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010.  The second is Relox #100, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX.  You’re eyes do not deceive you.  The secondary conferencing location for California’s redistricting meeting is in MEXICO!  Need proof, go to this link for their agenda:

So, if you’re in southern California and you wish to participate you have to go Guanajuato, Mexico.  What type of government blatantly ignores its adherence to the constitution and holds vitally important meetings regarding representative apportionment in a foreign country?

If you can attend the commission’s meeting in Sacramento, (the other locations are a bit far for most unless you’ve vacationing in another county) please do.  It may be good for the commission to recognize and voice your displeasure on having alternate meetings regarding California in foreign nations.  Also, their task of carving up districts with caps of 40 on the Senator and 80 on the Assembly on an ever-increasing population may need mention as well.

Judge K Muller issued a new minute order on August 10th. Muller set August 25th at 10am in Courtroom 3 to hear the State's Attorney's ex parte (emergency), motion to "reconsider" the order to appoint a three judge panel.

Judge Muller also set September the 8th at 10 am in Courtroom 3 for the hearing on CFRs motion to amend our complaint to include our additional plaintiffs and the motion of the State's Attorney to dismiss our case.

Our attorneys are confident we will prevail. Having read all of the State's motions as well as our own several times, I am also confident we the people will prevail.

As I have said many many times. The liars and criminals who think they own us and own this state are finally beginning to wake up. Some of the proceedings are nothing more than the State trying to coerce the Court into opening up the corner the state has painted itself into. It is most important that we show the Court that the People of Jefferson support this case. WE need to fill the room. The court room holds 58 people. WE need to have at least 158 or more. Standing room only and spilling out into the hall way.

This is not the end, it is only the beginning. This is when the corrupt, State that controls every breath we take and every step we take wakes up and begins to take steps to deny us our day in court. Remember that the depth of corruption in Sacramento knows no boundaries and nothing is beneath these people. They will lie, cheat, steal and worse to stop the people from regaining Liberty. The fight is on!

Here is where we find out whether we are sunshine patriots and summer soldiers or whether we are the people who mutually pledged their lives, treasure, and sacred honor to the cause of Liberty.

The Time Has Come For 51


Please ask God's help for our success.

Post Script: this article was written prior to the August 25th court date.
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Some of our staunch State of Jefferson supporters brought us an interesting article from the Bolen Report. Here is an excerpt to pique your interest.

TRUMP’S US Supreme Court Will Preside Over the Breakup of California…

“State of Jefferson” Lawsuit May Generate FAR MORE Than the Plaintiffs Ask For…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

When California’s liberal Democrat legislative majority passed infamous Senate Bill #277 mandating seventy-four (74) “Made-in-China” vaccines as a requirement for California’s children to attend Public or Private schools no one suspected that that act would act as the catalyst to bring down the Democratic Party both nationwide and in California – but it did.  And it is…

Today, California itself is on the chopping block.  NORMAL PEOPLE are taking control away from the liberal Democrats.  Here today I will tell you how ONE very coherent group has identified the problem and is taking action to solve it very effectively.

There is a lot here to read – but the problem in California has been clearly identified.  Read it all – for solution is on its way.

To read the full story, Click here or cut and past into your web browser:
Standing County Committee Meetings
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Josephine County, OR
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Klamath County, OR
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Shasta View Community Center
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Nevada County
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Placer County
2nd Tuesday each month 5-8 PMRound Table, Loomis
4th Tuesday each month 5-8 PMRound Table, Elm Ave. Auburn

Shasta County
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Sutter and Yuba Counties
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Bulding 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road,Yuba City
Tehama County
1st Friday each month - 7:00 PM
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Left Brain, Right Brain America. Civil Crises or Civil War?

War, according to von Clausewitz, is a duel but on an extensive and expansive scale. The act itself one to violently inflect or compel our opponent to fulfill our will. So can we us the word war to accurately describe the existing order of political conflict?

We are close to a state of war as increasing numbers of protests have become violent or use the threat of violence to suppress whomever they oppose. Division has risen into our institutions and become automatic for at least one political party

One political party has declared disbelief in electoral solutions and challenged the long standing traditional peaceful transition of power with axiomatic resistance as the only remaining solution. There is no easy or simple differentiation based on geography other than population density; urban vs rural. However that view is not entirely correct as there is no clear metric to delineate where a population level will predict a specific ideology.

However,there is an underlying ideology driving these differences. The matter seems clear and appears to be economic. America's civil war was indeed one of economic ideological differences. The south's economic system for labor and means of production relied on slavery whereas the north production was based on industrial capacity and free enterprise.

Later moral imperatives were em-placed to offer political expediency and gave rise to the Republican party. States rights by the Democrats vs. Individualism by the Republicans. The right to choose slavery (a form of racial inheritance) for means of production was forwarded by participants by both northerners and southerners.

This argument has evolved now into a subtle but still clear economic based ideological distinction. The Democratic party extols the virtues of socialism as economic solution and means of production. Those on the Right; Conservatives and Republicans still attached to traditional definitions of Republicanism, retain their fealty to individualism and free enterprise.

Many aware of the history of socialism see this ideology a form of economic slavery. But political expedience has once again muddled the waters by invocating racism and attempt to associate it with Conservatives and Republican values.

Yet the matter before us is fairly simple and one that must defend free enterprise and enable the means of production to reside with individuals and not with government.

Whether these differences determine if this duel between factions becomes a civil war is up to us. If we can more clearly see the real distinctions between factions is truly one of economics then we might avoid further conflict and escalation of hostilities and loss of life.


Philip Young

Monday, August 14, 2017

Foothills Rising condemns deadly rally of white supremacists and invites all regional citizens who share good will to join organizing efforts.

Foothills Rising has the utmost respect for freedom of speech and assembly, yet we concur with the statement Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer released referring to Friday and Saturday’s violent and deadly rally of white supremacists as a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance…” The torch-carrying mob claiming to “take America back,” was a modern reflection of the Ku Klux Klan, meant to intimidate and frighten Americans into silence.

Please join us in solidarity with Charlottesville to reject the deadly violence born of hatred, anger and racism. We must recognize as a nation that the heritage of racism has continued to fester throughout our nation’s history. We must recognize that the Confederate flag and imagery of the Confederacy have been associated with countless murders, rapes, beatings, lynchings, cross burnings and assaults since the Civil War. The removal of these symbols from the public sphere is justified, as is the removals of statues of Confederate leaders from public places of honor. Putting history in perspective should never be used as an excuse for violence and hatred.

We must not sit idly by and quietly allow hate and bigotry to infiltrate our communities and towns. Now more than ever we must rise. We must rise above identity politics telling us to divide and conquer. We must rise above nostalgic recollections to avoid returning to the decades when institutionalized discrimination against the “other” was the norm.

Foothills Rising stands for nonviolence and solidarity with all who share our values of compassion, inclusion, equality, and democracy.

We send our sincere sympathy to all whose loved ones were injured or killed in Charlottesville. Please join us to work together with all people of good will to ensure a bright future for our region’s citizens. Our next community is 3-5pm, August 27, 2017 at the Moke Hill Town Hall, located at 8283 Main Street in Mokelumne Hill.

For more information, contact Amber Hoiska, phone 209 663 5932