Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Supervisor Lynn Morgan announces campaign for re-election to District 3 supervisor seat

PIONEER, CA - Supervisor Lynn Morgan of Pioneer, current chair of the Amador County Board of Supervisors, is announcing that she will run for election to a second four-year term as District 3 supervisor. 
“I’m looking forward to continuing to spend time with my constituents to help them solve problems,” Morgan said. “As board chair, I plan to work even more extensively with the community and my colleagues on the board to find new and better ways to serve all District 3 and Amador County residents.”
After only three years in office, Morgan has achieved an impressive number and scope of accomplishments. Among these were:
·         Bringing county government to District 3: Morgan held four, well-attended public town hall meetings on critical topics of interest to District 3 residents; held regular office hours in the district; and has launched an effort to bring county veterans’ services to the many veterans upcountry.
·         Focusing on public safety: Morgan expedited road-striping and safety improvements on Highway 88, conducted a districtwide survey after the Butte Fire to improve emergency response and communication, supported grant funding to upgrade water systems for fire response, and started a fund with independent advisors who made grants to low-income seniors to help them remove beetle-killed trees that threatened their lives and property.
·         Keeping constituents informed and engaged: Morgan has provided regular e-mail communication to her constituents about local issues and board of supervisors’ agendas and decisions, a first in Amador County.
·         Bringing civility and respect to county government: Morgan authored a unanimously passed board of supervisors’ resolution encouraging Amador County residents to resolve their differences with civility and respect. She has carried out her official duties in a respectful way, listening to all points of view and striving for common ground.
Morgan’s campaign is off to a strong start. Even before this week’s announcement, she has been endorsed by more than 125 Amador community and organization leaders and District 3 residents. Many of the latter are people who first met Morgan when she went door-to-door in the district during the first campaign and got to know her better as she addressed the issues they raised and rose to local challenges over the past three years.
In endorsing Morgan’s re-election, former Amador County Public Health Officer and respected local physician Dr. Robert C. Hartmann of Pine Grove said, “Lynn Morgan is an inspiring leader with the interests of our county in her heart. She is hard working and inclusive. We need her to continue her leadership on the Board.”
He was joined in supporting Morgan by Retired CalFire Assistant Chief and Registered Professional Forester Mike Kirkley, who said, “I worked with Lynn on her Morgan Tree Fund Committee, which she generously started with her own money to help needy seniors remove hazard trees on their property. I saw that Lynn is committed to fire safety and the well-being of the citizens of Amador County. She is tireless in representing her constituents. Please join me in supporting Lynn's re-election as District 3 supervisor.”
Retired CalFire Chief Jim Simmons of Pine Grove added this, “Lynn has brought a civility to the Board that had been lacking. She helps constituents negotiate the complexities of the County bureaucracy and is always responsive to requests for assistance. As a retired chief of the CalFire’s Amador El Dorado Unit and former Amador County Fire Warden, I have worked with many past boards of supervisors. Lynn is one of the hardest working and most helpful supervisors I have met.”
Volcano resident Karin Heikkila shared her perspective, “Lynn Morgan has never failed to respond to us -- no matter what. She is in touch with her constituents and willing to go to bat for us and for our concerns. She genuinely cares about Amador County and the issues that face us.”
Pioneer resident John Burr weighed in, too, “Lynn has worked harder to help up-country residents than any District 3 supervisor in memory. She is accessible and communicative, keeping us informed of board of supervisors’ actions and of news and events important to area residents.”
He was joined by another Pioneer resident, Nancy Sues, who remarked, “Lynn Morgan has personally helped me fix a street lamp on Highway 88, and I was very happy to talk with Ms. Morgan about saving our very important neighborhood grocery, the IGA Payless. I truly believe she is the best candidate for our district.”
Rancher Jim Laughton, former representative for the local Carpenters and Sawmill Workers Union, said this about Morgan, “I have found Lynn to be reachable, willing to listen to all sides of the issues at hand, and to make informed decisions for the folks she represents. She has been a breath of fresh air. I look forward to Lynn being Board Chair this year, and I wholeheartedly endorse her re-election! We need more like her in office.”
District 3 resident Lori Jagoda, director of nursing at WellSpace Health, said this about Morgan, “I have lived and worked in Amador County for over 30 years. Over her first term, Lynn Morgan worked to serve all the residents of District 3 in a respectful, professional, and thoughtful manner. She is dedicated and works hard to maintain and improved the quality of life for all of Amador County. I strongly endorse her candidacy for District 3 Supervisor.
Morgan has ambitious goals for her second term. “I want to continue to work with my constituents to make our community safer and more prosperous, while at the same time protecting our very special heritage as a scenic and historically unique rural area,” Morgan said. “I also want to stop wasting money on litigation we cannot win and make sure the board is accountable to the taxpaying public.”
She states that the first step in achieving these goals is for individuals who live in District 3 to insist upon improved governmental response to residents’ needs and increased government transparency, “I invite all District 3 residents to work with me this year and in a new term to achieve these goals, “said Morgan. “I appreciate the support I’ve received over the last three years and hope to continue our good work for the district.”
To learn more about Morgan and her campaign, endorse or donate, see www.re-electlynn.com. If you’d like to help with her grassroots re-election effort, please e-mail info@re-electlynn.com or call Morgan at 209-813-0618.
*Please note: Organizations and businesses referenced in endorsements above are for identification purposes only and do not imply the organization’s or business’s endorsement.
Jim Simmons, Pine Grove; Retired CalFire Amador-El Dorado Unit chief
Mike Kirkley, Sutter Creek; Retired CalFire assistant chief, registered professional forester
Steven Bonner, Volcano; Past President, Amador Fire Safe Council
Patrick Minyard, Pioneer; M.S. Forest Pathology, retired agricultural program manager
John Heissenbuttel, Pine Grove; Registered professional forester
Alan Batchelder, Pioneer; Retired CDF
James Snoke, San Andreas; Former Lockwood Fire Protection District director
Cathy Koos-Breazeal, Volcano; Former Amador Fire Safe Council executive director
Jim Laughton, Jackson; Laughton Ranch
Bill Price, Pine Grove; Retired Assistant Superintendent, Preston School of Industry
Gayle Goetz-Brandt, Pioneer; Veteran
Dr. J. Holmes Armstead, Pioneer; Retired Naval War College professor
Brian Gray, Pioneer; U.S. Coast Guard, retired
David Hennings, Pine Grove; Retired law enforcement
Chuck Tamraz, Pioneer; Retired airline captain
Dr. Bob Hartmann, Pine Grove; Local physician, former Amador County Public Health Officer
Lori Jagoda, Pine Grove; Director of nursing, WellSpace Health
Pat Houghton; Sutter Creek; Retired director, Amador County Behavioral Health
Thelma Clancy, Volcano; Member, Amador County Commission on Aging
Todd Pickens, Plymouth; Retired local optometrist; vineyard and winery owner
Dr. Robin Field, Volcano; Retired physician
S. Wray, Pioneer; Retired health care professional
Tony Migliaccio, Volcano; Retired pharmacist
Jan Migliaccio, Volcano; Retired home health physical therapist
Lynne Standard-Nightengale, Pioneer; Retired Hospice thrift store manager
Alan Johnson, Pioneer; Painting contractor, ARJ Painting, Inc.
Peter Dornbrook, Kirkwood; Retired welder, KMPUD director
Katherine Batchelder, Pioneer; Restaurant owner
Joseph Bellamy, Pioneer; Self-employed property manager
Sophie Starostina, Pine Grove; Veterinary clinic manager
Brett Birmingham, Pine Grove; Sales, Finesse Carpet One
Susan Manning, Jackson; Owner, The Feed Barn
J. Gobershock, Pioneer; Retired oil and gas industry manager
Susan Ross, Sutter Creek; Amador Unified School District Board member
Mary Tamraz, Pioneer; Retired community college educator
Bob Laurent, Pioneer; Educator
Maryann Kelley, Pioneer; Retired teacher
Blanche Rueda, Pioneer; Retired teacher
James Street, Pioneer; Retired librarian
Nancy Street, Pioneer; Retired teacher
Carolyn Hennings, Pine Grove; Retired university administrator
Caryl Callsen, Pioneer, Retired school district business manager, planning commissioner
Joyce Bonner, Volcano; Writer
Diane Little, Pioneer; Chief financial officer, ARC of Amador and Calaveras
Kelly Trottier, Pine Grove; Past president and director, local NAMI chapter
Ursula Tocher, Fiddletown; Retired nurse practitioner, former Hospice board chair
Gerry Urka, Pioneer; National Sales Manager J. Sauer Machinery 
Mary Van Zanten, Pine Grove; Retired interior designer
Sarah Visser, Pioneer
Michael Wagner, Pioneer
Roger Wilhelm, Pioneer; Retired systems analyst
John Burr, Pioneer
Sandra Campbell, Pine Grove; Co-owner, Sutter Creek Gallery
John Chambers, Volcano
Gerri Cohen, Pioneer
Marc Cohen, Pioneer
Candace Diamond, Pine Grove; Retired state manager
Ted Doran, Pioneer
Judith Elliott, Pioneer
Larry Enzler, Pioneer
Bob Epstein, Kirkwood; KMPUD director
George Erdosh, Pine Grove; Retired mining geologist, former UpCountry News food columnist
Edward Erichson, Pioneer       
Adam Gottstein, Volcano; Musician and producer
Meg Gottstein, Volcano; Retired administrative law judge
Ruth Gottstein, Volcano; Retired publisher, Volcano Press
Lyle Haley, Pine Grove
Karin Heikkila, Volcano
Linda Hunter, Pioneer; Retired Postal Service employee
Tom Infusino, Pioneer; Attorney and planner
Alan Ireland, Pioneer
Sabeth Ireland, Pioneer
Rebeca Johnson, Pioneer; Porcelain artist and quilter
Ruth Larson, Volcano
Kathleen Magana, Pioneer
Chris Magee, Pioneer
Judith Martini, Pioneer
William McClung, Pioneer
Kirstin McGowan, Pioneer; Veterinary assistant
Lorrena McGuirk, Pioneer
Alan McKee, Pioneer
Cassie Moore, Pine Grove
A. Veronica Morgan, Pioneer
Jeffrey Morgan, Pioneer
Dale Newberry, Pioneer          
Bruce Odelberg, Kirkwood; Retired, Kirkwood Meadows Association Planning Committee
Carolyn Overton, Pioneer
Kenneth Prazenica, Pioneer; Retired Postal Service employee
Celia Price, Pine Grove
Eric Richert, Kirkwood; Retired architect, KMPUD director
Judy Rider, Pioneer; Legal secretary
Billie Rider, Pioneer
Kathryn Rimmel, Pine Grove
John Sauer, Pioneer
James Shock, Pioneer
Michael Silva, Pioneer
Carole Simmons, Pine Grove
Belva Pummer, Volcano: Retired ESL teacher
Sandy Sloan, Kirkwood; Retired attorney
Geoff Smith, Sutter Creek/Kirkwood; Retired property manager, KMPUD director
Melene Smith, Sutter Creek/Kirkwood; Real estate broker, retired therapist
Marsha Stinebaugh, Pioneer
Gary Stinebaugh, Pioneer        
Nancy Sues, Pioneer
Marj Stuart, Pine Grove; Retired editor
Nancy Trevett, Kirkwood
Benita Asher, Jackson; Business owner
Cathleen Berglund, Amador City; Retired, artist
Virginia “Billie” Berton, Jackson
Nancy Chapman, Sutter Creek
Mary Pulskamp, Sutter Creek; Small business owner
Jayne Henning Childress, Mokelumne Hill; Self-employed
Doug Hardy, Sutter Creek; Retired business owner
Hazel Joyce, Jackson; Retired business owner
Herbert Pummer, Fiddletown; Retired physicist
Steve Christensen, Sutter Creek; Retired teacher       
Jan Clute, Jackson; Retired Jackson librarian
Susan Bragstad, Amador City; Vice Mayor; Owner, Amador Olive Oil
Nora Coryell, Jackson; Retired teacher and counselor
Marilyn K. Hoopes, Plymouth; Retired attorney; vineyard and winery owner
Louise Longley, Jackson; Attorney
Judith Lerner, Sutter Creek
Toni Linde, Sutter Creek; Retired local schoolteacher
Jerry Scott, Jackson; Retired advertising executive
Susan Scott, Jackson

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