Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cookie Stevens for Lockwood Fire Protection District: "For the Greater Good"

Lois "Cookie" Stevens is running for Board Director for the Lockwood Fire Protection District. A 2-year resident, Cookie has dived feet first into the community, serving on the Lockwood Auxiliary and providing support to the department first responders. She has attended Board meetings, learning the ins and outs of the fire district.

"Lockwood is now in the process of rebuilding and that's why I need your vote,” Cookie said. “I will work hard to ensure our small fire department is there when you need them."

Cookie and her husband, Bob, retired to their home in Volcano in October 2016. “One of the selling points of the home we bought was the fire department being close by,” she said. “We are not getting any younger, and this is a high fire danger area. Minutes matter in saving lives and/or our homes and our beautiful forest.”

She joined the Lockwood Fire Auxiliary in April 2017 and became more aware of what is involved in operating a fire department. “One of my first priorities is to hire a new Chief to create a great team to make Lockwood the best fire station in Amador County,” she said. “We have the best Auxiliary. Let's make it the best Fire Department."

Visit to find out more about Cookie, and look for her on Facebook, cookie4lockwood.

Cookie believes in service to community…For The Greater Good.

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