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Foothills Rising - April 2018

The 1st quarter of 2018 has been quite a ride . . . 

Beginning with the Women's March, this year has already been filled with triumphs and tragedies.  The constancy of action items can cause the strongest of us to become exhausted, which makes community so much more important.  

Working with and within your community not only serves the community, but the soul.

Upcoming events

Come to the Jackson Civic Center and meet your local candidates on April 15th!
Aprill 22nd - Celebrate Earth Day with your neighbors!
June 24th a much anticipated and needed symposium to address homelessness.  Foothills Rising will host a panel of local experts at the Jackson Civic Center.
Postcard Protest News
By Dixie Camardo
The monthly Postcard Protests give local Americans a direct way to contact government officials about policies of the current federal and state administrations that are contrary to the principles of democracy, equality, voting, and decency. Local neighbors and friends and newcomers stand together monthly on a Wednesday or Thursday or both to write pre-paid postcards to advocate, for example, controls on assault weapons, the continued investigation of the Russian interference, secure, convenient, voting, and fair elections, health care reform and fair tax reform for all Americans, not just the rich, the House Climate Solutions Caucus, the original mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Medi-Cal program.

We also send postcards that are Acts of Gratitude to recognize government officials like Governor Jerry Brown for upholding the Paris Climate Accord and preserving values that make the U.S. a global leader.

After the Parkland shooting, we coordinated our efforts with Susan Ross, a regular writer at the protests and the President of the Board of the Amador County Unified School District, to send a postcard of thanks to each teacher in the Amador County Schools. The community acknowledgement of our teachers’ dedication and perseverance in the face of real dangers at our schools was deeply appreciated. A supportive school community makes a powerful impact.

Before the protests, Dixie and Melene research and prioritize current issues to be focused on during the sessions. We distill each issue into a writing prompt for a prepaid postcard. These key words offer a springboard for writers to personally write to a Senator, a House Representative, a Committee Chair, Agency Director, or the President.  We also distribute the required addresses and the postcards. The postcard writing effort is an educational outreach to maintain an informed
electorate. Writing a personal message to our lawmakers puts a face on the policies.

The next time we vote, we will be better informed citizens.

We can do this—You, me, all of us—Your voice, your postcard matters.

wo protests in April to choose from:

April 18th at the Imperial Hotel                
April 19th at Feist Wines
Amador City                                            Sutter Creek 
Wednesday, April 18th                           
Thursday, April 19th
3:00 to 5:00 pm                                       2:00 to 4:00 pm

With many, we are One.
This past year, we have seen hate-filled policies, actions, and rhetoric, but we have also seen a community come together to fight for progress in a way I have never seen before.

Our community in #CA04 has fought for our DREAMers, fought for healthcare, fought for our environment, fought for our schools, fought to keep our communities safe and are neighbors protected from any person, system, or policy that seeks to cause harm.

We have only just gotten started. So today, one year after our movement was born, I recommit myself to being an agent of change. I look forward to fighting like hell to replace Tom McClintock this year.
By Julie Sweeney CA04

On February 14th, 17 high school students were massacred in Parkland, FL.  Foothills Rising through the Community Solidarity Committee and specifically Deborah Pulskamp prepared and submitted and OpEd to regional newspapers.
Deborah Pulskamp was subsequently invited  to the Calaveras Town Hall Meeting to address "School Safety and Violence Prevention in our Community." 

On March 14th, one month after 14 high school students and 3 staff members were murdered and 16 others injured by a AR-15 style semi-automatic weapon Amador High School students joined thousand schools nationwide for a national student walkout for 17 minutes to honor the 17 dead.

Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, Scott Beigel, 35,  Martin Duque, 14,
Nicholas Dworet, 17, Aaron Feis, 37,  Jaime Guttenberg, 14
Chris Hixon, 49, Luke Hoyer, 15, Cara Loughran, 14
Gina Montalto, 14, Joaquin Oliver, 17, Alaina Petty, 14
Meadow Pollack, 18, Helena Ramsay, 17,
Alex Schachter, 14, Carmen Schentrup, 16,Peter Wang, 15

photos courtesy of Justin Allen

The Amador High Democrats, lead by Josh Lewis, also held a vigil for the slain students and staff on March 17th.

Foothills Rising is grateful for this new generation of activists.

From our Environmental Justice Committee

Book review by Emily Beals

There’s a New York Times bestseller book published in 2017, that may interest you. It’s called DRAWDOWN, The Most
Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken. “DRAWDOWN is a message grounded in science; it also is a testament to the growing stream of humanity who understands the enormity of the challenge we face, and is willing to devote their lives to a future of kindness, security, and regeneration.” (1)
“The stakes for our planet have never been higher. The world is warming, sea levels are rising, and the impacts of climate change are occurring faster and stronger than originally predicted. It is a global crisis with no place for partisan rhetoric, requiring solutions at every scale and across every sector.” (2) “We can’t focus only on achieving zero net carbon emissions; we must also rapidly re-sequester carbon. DRAWDOWN - by identifying and researching dynamic, innovative solutions- creates the playbook for this urgent goal.” (3)
Here are the top 12 of 80 solutions, based on overall ranking. Are we up for taking on this challenge, I mean seriously taking it on?
1) REFRIGERATION “Refrigerants continue to cause planetary trouble....” (4) Huge volumes of CFCs and HCFCs remain in circulation damaging not only the ozone layer but warming the atmosphere far greater than CO2.
2) WIND TURBINES “Wind energy is at the crest of initiatives to address global warming in the coming three decades, second only to refrigeration in total impact.” (5)
3) REDUCED FOOD WASTE “The food we waste contributes 4.4 gigatons of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere each year - roughly 8% of total anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. (6)
4) PLANT-RICH DIET “The Western diet comes with a steep climate price tag.... Raising livestock accounts conservatively for nearly 15% of global greenhouse gasses emitted each year. Some studies say 50%. The case for a plant-rich diet is robust.” (7)
5) TROPICAL FORESTS Tropical forests, once covering 12% of the earth’s landmass, now cover 5%. “Tropical forest loss alone is responsible for 16-19% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. “

6) EDUCATING GIRLS “Girls education... has a dramatic bearing on global warming. Women with more years of education have fewer, healthier children and actively manage their reproductive health.” (9) “Educating girls and women is the most powerful lever available for breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, while mitigating emissions by curbing population growth.” (10)
7) FAMILY PLANNING “For women to have children by choice rather than chance and to plan their family size and spacing is a matter of autonomy and dignity.” (11) “There are 74 million unplanned pregnancies each year in lower income countries. In the United States 45% of pregnancies are unintended.” (12)
8) SOLAR FARMS “Any scenario for reversing global warming includes a massive ramp-up of solar power by mid-century. (13) “When their entire life cycle is taken into account, solar farms curtail 94% of the carbon emissions that coal plants emit ...” (14)
9) SILVOPASTURE “...Silvopasture is the integration of trees and pasture or forage into a single system for raising livestock, from cattle and sheep to deer and ducks.” (15) “Research to date suggests silvopasture far outpaces any grassland technique....because silvopastoral systems sequester carbon in both the biomass aboveground and the soil below. Pastures that are ...crisscrossed with
trees sequester five to ten times as much carbon as those of the same size that are treeless.” (16)
10) ROOFTOP SOLAR “Our analysis assumes rooftop solar PV can grow... to 7% of electricity generated globally by 2050. That growth can avoid 24.6 gigatons of emissions. .... We assume an implementation of $627. per kilowatt by 2050. Over three decades, the technology could save $3.4 trillion in home energy costs. (17)
11) REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE “Regenerative agricultural practices restore degraded land. They include no tillage, diverse cover crops, on-farm fertility..., no or minimal pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and multiple crop rotations, all of which can be augmented by managed grazing. The purpose of regenerative agriculture is to continually improve and regenerate the health of the soil by restoring its carbon content, which in turn improves plant health, nutrition and productivity.... No other mechanism known to humankind is as effective in addressing global warming as capturing carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis.” (18)
12) TEMPERATE FORESTS A quarter of the world’s forests lie in the temperate zone..., mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the course of history, 99% of temperate forests have been altered in some way....” (19) Today forests are on the rise and are a critical net-carbon sink, however rising temperatures, forest fires, insect damage and drought are jeopardizing their health.
Environmental Justice subcommittee offers our second article submitted by Patricia Noll: ENJOY! Menominee Forest Keepers…/…/menominee-forest-keepers/


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