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Jefferson Messenger - Edition 7 . Volume 2

The Jefferson Messenger 

Edition 7 . April 7, 2018 . Volume 2
Starting April 8th on the Jefferson KAHI Radio Show, it’s time for you to sound off.  This Sunday, we’ll be providing a rundown of how we got here, but then you take over the airwaves.

What will Jefferson look like?

We’ve been battling for four and a half years, but for what?  We all have our vision of Liberty, now it’s time to put that down on paper.

How do you want to live Jefferson?

What is your definition of Freedom?

Under what rule set does your new government operate?  What are the lines they are never to cross?

You all have marched on Sacramento, sent in your donations, called your state representatives, written letters to the same and to their federal counterparts as well.  You’ve done interviews, been spurned by the media, called various colorful names, supported and defended your rights under both constitutions and been attached to extreme groups you have nothing to do with.  So what do you want?

Is it to be left alone, chart your own path, be free to prosper with the resources at your command?  It is time to define your (not mine) utopian dream of a state under which you can be proud.  It’s been decades since the United States added a star to old glory.  Now is the time, our time, but we better have a clear vision of what we want.  1.9 million opinions must coalesce into a single consciousness under which we can all live.

Placer and El Dorado Counties recently launched their Jefferson radio show and will use this platform over the next several weeks to have Jefferson sound off.  You’ve been fighting for a while now.  You’ve been fighting long and hard against something.  Now is the time to define what you are fighting for.
Each Sunday at 10am on KAHI 950 AM we want you to call in and begin that conversation and let others know your hearts and minds.  You all get to build this thing from scratch.  Study our US Constitution and be prepared to launch the greatest state in the nation.  It’s time to put aside our anger for an hour each week and dream that dream of our vision under the framework we want to live and thrive.  Contact the show at 1-800-950-5244 or 1-530-885-3565.

What will be covered?  Structure of government, unalienable rights, education, taxation, justice, elections, and anything else you want to discuss.
Our time is now and it’s time to put pen to paper.  Let’s share the vision.


California is well known for its outrageous and inexplicable legislative acts that range into the ridiculous, illegal, and unconstitutional. This is the California that:
  • Is pushing a bullet train that is under speed, over cost, ignores the wishes of the voters and tax payers, and benefits the financial interests of the family of our federal senator
  • Levies a fire tax, and calls it a fee
  • Refuses to spend allocated bond money on repairs and maintenance on the Oroville dam while using state dollars and resources to search for oil on the governor's personal property
  • Passes unconstitutional gun and ammunition control laws restricting the rights of its citizens
  • Imposes agency regulations that drive job-providing businesses out of the state
  • Continues to raise gas taxes and vehicle fees to finance legislators' pet programs
  • Makes unconstitutional and illegal agreements with foreign powers
  • Supports an unconstitutional and illegal secession from the United States
  • Has legislators currently serving prison sentences for illegal schemes, who have resigned from office for lewd behavior, and who openly brag that their illegal immigrant relatives are living and working in the state using stolen Social Security numbers
  • Tolerates sanctuary cities where murders are going unpunished

This is the same California that now demands that our county honor its unconstitutional and illegal sanctuary state law, which, in actuality, is null and void based on Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

I have had enough, many citizens of the Jefferson Counties have had enough, and the Boards of Supervisors should have had enough by now. As employees and representatives of the people, the time has come for the supervisors to stand up, honor their oaths of office, and announce to Sacramento that they will not comply. They should not be complicit in the illegal and unconstitutional acts emanating from Sacramento. They should not put the counties at risk of incurring federal penalties and sanctions.

The time has come for the supervisors to tell Sacramento that ignoring the rights and wishes of the people comes at a serious cost, and the time has come to look at an alternative to the mono-party system of rule that our state legislative bodies are inflicting on us. Tell Sacramento that the time has come for a state that represents the people. Tell Sacramento that the time has come.
Supervisors, stand up against sanctuary law

Janet Chandler, Burney.
Events are happening all over Jefferson Counties, too many to list here. For more information, please check the website, Events and Meetings or copy & paste:
April 14th
2nd Amendment Rally
A Second Amendment Rally has been scheduled at all 50 State Capitols.

Coordinated by: the National Coalition of Patriotic Americans
When: Saturday, April 14th 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Where: State Capitol
1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

We will have several Great speakers including: David Garcia, Calvin Clark and Hopefully Mark Baird
SOJ merchandise will be available.

April 20th
Spaghetti Feed

Hosted by: Trinity County State of Jefferson
When: Friday, April 20th, 2018 from 4-7 PM
Where: Trinity County Fairgrounds
Cost: $8.00; Children under age 7: $4.00
There will be a dessert auction, silent auction/raffle, and a gun raffle. Proceeds to benefit the SOJ Legal Fund. Contact Ann Bales at Star51for
April 28th
Hosted By: Tehama Shooters Association and Tehama County Jefferson Committee
When: Saturday, April 28th 7:00 am
Where: 26950 Manton Road, Red Bluff
Three Events to select:
* Centerfire Handgun * Rifle * Trap
  • $25 for one event
  • $45 for two events
  • $65 for three events
Please call 530-529-1346 or email Registration deadline April 21st.
  • No Steel Core, Armor Piercing, Or Tracer Rounds
  • Shooters Supply Their Own Ammo
  • Iron Sights Only - No Optics Or Red Dot Sights
  • Men’s And Women’s Divisions
  • Free Coffee & Donuts
  • BBQ Lunch Included
All Jeffersonians and Liberty Loving Americans are welcome!
Conference Call
April 8, 2018
Join us to find out about the latest happenings in Jefferson.
Conference Call Phone number:
Access Code: 307268#

For Questions during the call, simply log into our Chat Room.
Don't miss out!  Mark your calendar for upcoming calls!
  • Apr. 22nd
  • May 13th and May 27th
  • June 10th and June 24th
Want to learn more? Click here to view the many videos that explain what brought us here.
Standing County
Committee Meetings

Subject to change without notice.

Curry County, OR

2nd Wed. each month - 6:00 PM
Panthers Den
29513 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach, OR 97444

El Dorado County

2nd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville

Doors open 5:30 to 6:30 PM, to socialize, ask questions, buy merchandise, and/or enjoy a meal.  The meeting time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Josephine County, OR

1st Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Elmer's Restaurant
Grants Pass

3rd Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Kerby Belt Building

Klamath County

1st  Wed. each month - 6:00 PM
Community Hall aka Shasta Grange, 5831 Shasta Way

Nevada County

2nd and 4th Mondays - 6:00 PM
Robinsons Conference Center 293 Lower Grass Valley Hwy
Nevada City

Placer County

3rd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
8062 North Lake Circle
Lakeview Hills Club House
Granite Bay
At the cross street of Auburn Folsom Road, there is a sign that says Lakeview Hills, turn into the neighborhood then turn left at the T for the "Clubhouse" and you will see an opened chain-link fence (the 8062 #'s are small, not very obvious) 

Shasta County

Mondays at 5:30 PM
3276 Bechelli Lane

Sutter and Yuba Counties

2nd Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Doors open 6:00 PM
Caltrans Building Sierra Room
703 B Street

4th Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Church of Glad Tidings Building 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road
Yuba City

Tehama County

1st  & 3rd Friday each month - 7:00 PM
Westside Grange
20794 Walnut Street
Red Bluff

Trinity County

2nd Thursday each month 6:30 PM
Hayfork Community Church
7450 State Highway 3

3rd Wednesday each month - 6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
120 Nugget Lane

Tuolumne County

2nd Tuesday each month - 6:00 PM
Sonora Re/Max Building, 207 S Washington Street

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