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The Jefferson Messenger - Ed 12 Vol 2

The Jefferson Messenger 

Edition 12 . June 23, 2018 . Volume 2

Back in the time of the Founding Fathers, a government was devised with checks and balances so that no particular branch of the three grew to be too powerful.  This system was predicated on the stipulation that as the Executive and Judicial branches of government grew, so did the watchers known as the Legislative branch that was comprised of citizen legislators.

Somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong.  Those who ascended to power in the Legislative branch coalesced their supremacy by limiting its membership.  On the federal level, in 1911, Congress limited House membership to 435 without any nexus as to the genesis of that number.  This completely obliterated Article 1, Section 2 that required a member of the House represent no more than 30,000 individuals.  This was done without the benefit of a constitutional amendment.  The same thing happened in California when its 1879 Constitution restricted the number in the Assembly to 80 and the Senate to 40.  Historically, both bodies had grown along with the population.

With the caps in place, the Executive and Judicial branches grew like wildfires with scorched earth policies such as Executive Orders, massive expansion of governmental agencies and legislating from the bench by the Judiciary.  This was a direct result of limiting those who were to oversee the other two branches.  The watchers protected their power through incumbency and could care less that their oversight responsibilities had been abdicated.  As long as they could guarantee their own re-elections, the people’s interests were brushed aside.

This system continues to feed itself.  Impotent legislatures create an exclusive club that limits membership for their own benefit.  Other more qualified citizens need not apply.  In turn, the Executive branch continues to grow beyond the bounds of its constitutional restrictions because the only group empowered to stop them is limited in both number and willingness to buck the status quo.  The same can be said of the Judiciary as the Legislative branch has relinquished its law-making responsibility to the gang in black.

Now, We the People are truly in a quandary.  The Legislative branch is so small that the other two are left to grow unchecked.  Fortunately, our Founders knew that government could not suppress its own insatiable appetite for power.  They provided us with a remedy of last resort.  Look it up; it’s the 2nd on the list.


California is irreparably broken. We need to start over. It is the only way to escape the utter lack of representation suffered by the Citizens of Jefferson as well as the citizens of the rest of California.

Tim Draper’s 3 state initiative will not accomplish this! Draper failed to consult the people of the affected counties as to their wish to be included in one of his state constructs, where Jefferson has rallied popular support in every single one of our 23 counties. We know the will of our citizens, Tim Draper and his paid minions, never asked.

Draper’s initiative fails to consider that Congress must approve, by majority vote,  all Article four, Section 3 splits. The prospect of three Blue states is not very appealing to the current Congress.  Jefferson, on the other hand, proposes breaking California into two parts. We propose the addition of only one new state with true Constitutional Republic and adequate representation, which will grow with population.

We propose a State Senate with equal representation for our counties, as a check on power to our state assembly.

Finally, Tim Draper proposes 3 States which would be dominated by the same urban counties that currently dominate California politics. WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO CONTINUED TYRANNY by simply adding more deck chairs to the Titanic.

The people of Jefferson demand Liberty with adequate representation within a state of our own making and we will settle for nothing less.  We the People of the State of Jefferson created government to secure our Liberty and our Rights.  We will fight to secure that Liberty!

The Time Has Come For 51 States


The June 14, 2018, States Motion to Dismiss court date proceeded as scheduled and was heard by Judge Kimberly J. Mueller. She listened to oral arguments from the State and from the CFR Attorneys Scott Stafne and Gary Zerman. The Judge did not dismiss our case. She will issue a ruling at an undisclosed time. No matter which way she rules, we have already developed a solid plan to proceed and to win this case. Thanks to the hundreds of people that could and did change their schedules at the last minute to attend.
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

To fully understand what occurred in the courtroom that day and what may or may not happen down the road, we urge you to listen to the archived podcast, with CFR attorney, Gary Zerman, on the Sunday, June 17th,  Jefferson State of Mine, broadcast, on KCNR 1460 Radio.  Just go to the KCNR website, and click on archives. When the page opens, scroll down to Sunday9 to 10 am.
Events are happening all over Jefferson Counties, too many to list here. For more information, please check the website, Events and Meetings or copy & paste:

What: Business Showcase & Fundraiser
Why: To meet the businesses who support SOJ
When: Tuesday July 10th
Where: American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville
Doors open 4:00 PM
There will be Silent & Live Auctions, Games, Dessert Auction, Food, Beer & Wine, and Fun for the whole family. Prizes include 4 Oakland A's Box Seat Tickets, Gun Safe, Limo & Winery Trip, Rounds of Golf, Handmade Liberty Quilt, and many, many more, too numerous to list.

There are also grand prizes that include 4 day, 3 night vacation getaway to a number of choice locations and an evening with Sheriff John & wife Janine D'Agostini, dining at the Beef & Brew.

Proceeds from the overall Business Showcase event also benefits the Legal Fund. If you wish to reserve a booth for your business, donate a prize, or want more information, please call Terry Gherardi, 530-677-4294.
$10,000 501 c3 MATCH
In conjunction with El Dorado County State of Jefferson Business Showcase & Fundraiser, a generous donor has offered support for the State of Jefferson legal fund with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation that will be matched to any donated amount over $100 up to $10,000.

Donations can be mailed now or at the July 10, Business Showcase Event, featuring local businesses and many wonderful prize drawings, games and auctions from 4 to 8 pm, at the American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, in Placerville.

Only checks will be accepted and must be made out to PECAN (Patriots Educating Concerned Americans Now). The memo portion of your check must read: State of Jefferson (SOJ) Formation Legal Fund. Donors names will be displayed at Jefferson events unless otherwise stipulated.

The deadline to receive donations is July 10, and may be delivered the day of the Business Showcase or mailed to Sharon Durst, P.O. Box 569, Somerset, CA 95684. Any checks mailed to the Palo Cedro address or posted on the web site, will not qualify for the match.

Terry Gherardi
Conference Call
June 24, 2018
Join us to find out about the latest happenings in Jefferson.
Conference Call Phone number:
Access Code: 307268#

For Questions during the call, simply log into our Chat Room.
Don't miss out!  Mark your calendar for upcoming calls!
  • July 8th and July 22nd
  • Aug 12th and Aug 26th
  • Sept 9th and Sept 23rd
Standing County
Committee Meetings

Subject to change without notice.

Curry County, OR

2nd Wed. each month - 6:00 PM
Panthers Den
29513 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach, OR 97444

El Dorado County

2nd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville

Doors open 5:30 to 6:30 PM, to socialize, ask questions, buy merchandise, and/or enjoy a meal.  The meeting time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Josephine County, OR

1st Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Elmer's Restaurant
Grants Pass

3rd Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Kerby Belt Building

Klamath County

1st  Wed. each month - 6:00 PM
Community Hall aka Shasta Grange, 5831 Shasta Way
Klamath Falls, OR

Nevada County

2nd and 4th Mondays - 6:00 PM
Robinson's Conference Center 293 Lower Grass Valley Hwy
Nevada City

Placer County

3rd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
8062 North Lake Circle
Lakeview Hills Club House
Granite Bay
At the cross street of Auburn Folsom Road, there is a sign that says Lakeview Hills, turn into the neighborhood then turn left at the T for the "Clubhouse" and you will see an opened chain-link fence (the 8062 #'s are small, not very obvious) 

Shasta County

Mondays at 5:30 PM
2570 S. Bonnyview Road

Sutter and Yuba Counties

2nd Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Doors open 6:00 PM
Caltrans Building Sierra Room
703 B Street

4th Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Church of Glad Tidings Building 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road
Yuba City

Tehama County

1st  & 3rd Friday each month - 7:00 PM
Westside Grange
20794 Walnut Street
Red Bluff

Trinity County

2nd Thursday each month 6:30 PM
Hayfork Community Church
7450 State Highway 3

3rd Wednesday each month - 6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
120 Nugget Lane

Tuolumne County

2nd Tuesday each month - 6:00 PM
Sonora Re/Max Building, 207 S Washington Street
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