Thursday, July 12, 2018

Amador Democrats: "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA" - Sat July 21

Hi Friends,
Unfortunately we will have to postpone the showing of the movie, "Making a Killing, Guns, Greed and the NRA."  We were having equipment problems and now the school has informed us that we will not be allowed to use the room.  There was a obviously a misunderstanding with the school district.
We WILL show the movie at a later date--just need to find a new venue.  Stay tuned!
Amador Democrats will be showing the following important film on Saturday, July 21, 7:00 p.m. at Amador High School in the Drama Room. All are invited!
Saturday, July 21, 7:00 (doors open at 6:30)
Amador High School Drama Room
Admission:  $5/person
"Making a Killing:  Guns, Greed and the NRA"
This film tells the stories of how guns, and the billions made off them, affect the lives of everyday Americans.  It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims’ families.  The film exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit – and thereby putting people in danger.

The film looks into gun tragedies that include unintentional shootings, domestic violence, suicides, mass shootings and trafficking—and what we can do to put an end to this profit-driven crisis.    We hope you’ll  join us for a viewing of the movie.
Paid for by the  Amador Co. Democratic Central Comm.
P.O. Box 924, Sutter Creek, CA  95685

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