Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Code Enforcement Town Hall Meeting - Amador County BOS - Tues Dec 18

On December 18, 2018, at 9:00 AM, Board Of Supervisor Meeting, Chamber Hall at County Building (810 Court Street), they are having a code enforcement town hall meeting.

Come out and hear how the current system works and why it takes too long and cost too much money and what tools Code Enforcement (County) could have to make it more efficient and accountable. It will also touch on why the County should be recovering administration costs, etc (does not currently) since it is the general fund money and should go back in for public needs not just for the individual who doesn't want to obey the codes. The presentation will last around an half hour and will be open to the public afterward, We need to come forward and express our frustrations and to support code enforcement to have more tools or come out and let them know of an experience you had with the slow process. If they don't hear the public demand it, they will not change it! Come on out. It's a presentation you don't want to miss! TBD where it will be in the agenda- will update with info asap! Here is a link to the current process:!/AmadorCounty02/AmadorCounty0206.html#2.06

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